I’m Not Alone

First, Coble points out that having a political protest against having to pay other people’s mortgages by seeming to brag about other people having to pay your mortgage just makes no sense.  It’s funny as hell, but it makes no sense.

Second, one of y’all sent me a link to cats in pants, which tickled me so much.

Third, I took the wrong medicine this morning.  Oh, I figured it out and took the right stuff, too, but now I’m all worried that I’ve poisoned myself to death and there will be no one to plant my garden or tease the Butcher.  Now I just have to remember to NOT take it again in the evening.

Fourth, I get in these ruts where I don’t watch TV.  It just doesn’t occur to me to turn it on.  Or I do and I just turn it to HGTV or Discovery.  So, honestly, while I watched Olbermann religiously during the declining days of the Bush fiasco, I haven’t seen him in a while.

I watched last night.  With Janeane Garofalo.

This should have been enough to make my poor progressive heart break in two with glee.

But it was like watching… I don’t even know.  It was a hot mess.  Garofalo seemed totally spacy and unhinged and Olbermann just seemed to nod and go along with all the crazy shit she was saying.  And they were picking on Rush Limbaugh!  It should have been marvelous.

Instead it was kind of creepy and sad.

Is it me?  Or are some folks kind of weirdly lost without a place to put all their anger now that Bush is gone?

6 thoughts on “I’m Not Alone

  1. I think there is some truth to your statement about being weirdly lost. After the election I suddenly lost the urge, no the need or the desire to HAVE to watch Rachel and Keith. My giddy relief that our country was safe again and we had survived 8 years of punishment. I no longer felt the need to connect with someone who understood how I felt. I had been paroled.

    I equate this to how the Republicans are feeling now. They are so scared. They just need someone to justify their anxiety. Someone to validate their fears. Someone to connect with. And they are turning to Hannity and Limbaugh and O’Reilly.

    For 8 years I have been accused of Bush Bashing. None of my points were valid. I was just angry and needed to beat up on their president. And today I sit at my table, reading all the bullshit in the letters to the editor about Obama and how he is ruining our country. And I am amazed. How can anything Obama is doing be remotely compared to the damage done by Bush? I am flabbergasted.

    And the Repubs seriously think the end is near. No really. They do. It makes my head hurt. Where have they been for the last 8 years?

    It reminds me of the theory of selective retention.

  2. Garofalo seemed totally spacy and unhinged

    …which is how she typically impresses me when she’s not working from a script. She has occasional segments on The Henry Rollins Show that would be known as “300 Seconds of Ramble, Babble and Stammer” in a sane world.

    [watching Countdown] was kind of creepy and sad.

    Olbermann has been creepy and sad for a while. I removed my daily Tivo wishlist entry for Keith-O around last February.

    Or are some folks kind of weirdly lost without a place to put all their anger now that Bush is gone?

    Weirdly enough, to be sure. Still, some people have been paying attention:


  3. Yes. It’s like they got stuck in angry ranty mode and now don’t know how to turn it off or rather where to focus it. And people who have made a lot of money and some measure of their fame as partisans have ample reasons to want to see partisanship continue. Many people are exhausted and want to figure out some modest way forward together, like picking up the pieces after a big blowout by pouring your angry lover a cup of coffee and hoping he’ll pick up the cup and tell you it’s good coffee as a small signal that things (not ok now) might improve.

  4. The Bush Administration represents the coups d’etat and criminal looting of the American dream that happened, not in our living room, but actually in our laps. (or desktops, at least). There has been deep, deep intimacy. And then it ended— whimpering. Lots of people need lots of resolution.
    We’re just a month into the new administration, coping with new and terrible perils— and deeply, deeply unresolved.

    I wouldn’t expect any of the anger to go away overnight.

    And JG really is unbearable. Couldn’t bear her on Air America.

  5. Pesky, I think you’re onto something. Part of the loss of energy is because of Bush fatigue, but part of it is the moral and spiritual deflation from awakening to the reality that Mr. Hope and Change is only offering a change from the way things were done the previous eight years, and not from the way they were done in all the years that led up to the Bush debacle.

    The really dangerous thing is that a Democratic failure– which is assured as long as Democrats are unwilling to bite, mangle, sever, and discard the corporate hand that feeds them– will play right into the designs (such as they are) of the reactionary demagogues who can’t wait to see this country go to shit.

    Did I tell you I voted Green?

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