An Open Letter to State Senator Bunch

Senator Bunch,

I have reluctantly come to believe that you are evil.  I don’t say that lightly, but I don’t know how else to explain your behavior.  Hardaway?  Clearly, he’s crazy and working out his deep anger and hatred of the women in his life on the women of Tennessee.  And Campfield, clearly, he believes that he’s a genius who is just unrecognized in his own time, whose bad ideas are secretly good, the rest of us are just too stupid to see it.  I get angry at the stuff they do, but they clearly have issues that prevent them from acting like thoughtful human beings who can empathize with people who are different than them.

I have never heard anything bad about you.  Everyone I’ve talked to who knows you says that you seem like a genuinely nice guy who is thoughtful and considerate.  So why the hell do you keep co-sponsoring every woman-hating piece of shit legislation these bozos come up with?

I want to talk to my readers about SB1252, but I can’t, in good conscience, do so because I’m afraid it will make them throw up.  A person can beat the shit out of his or her ex or soon to be ex spouse and if the spouse can’t prove that the beating has had any negative effects on the kids, even if he or she gets a restraining order against him or her, you don’t want the abuser’s custody of the kids to be affected?

You think that’s a good idea?

Really, what kind of monster are you?

I’m tired of you hiding behind the more theatrical antics of Hardaway and Campfield.  I’m starting to believe you’re the real problem here.


Aunt B.

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to State Senator Bunch

  1. I heard he went through a crazy bitter custody battle. Seems he might be taking his bitterness out on the rest of state.

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  4. Actually, the partnership of Bunch and Campfield goes back Bunch’s days in the House. Bunch liked to be the provaceteur in this relationship, stirring up Campfield, Kelsey and the others with his ideas and sending them off to storm the barricades. He is still doing this with them and now in the Senate.

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