Too Tired to Go to Bed

And I am troubled by things.

1.  Is the dog cleaner than she was this morning?  So, the Butcher cleaned the whole house and the dog?  I know I shouldn’t admit this out loud, but shit, if I actually had the money to support both of us, I could happily go to work and pay for everything in exchange for a clean house.  Anybody with a trust fund want to be my wife?  I would be an awesome husband.  I can burp and fart with the best of them.  And unlike many traditional husbands, I don’t have a hairy ass.  And I like to talk about things.  And I would totally understand why Susan wearing the green dress to church upset you, even though I would not, of course, go to church.

2.  We have a tiny reversed crop circle in the back yard.  All the grass around it has been mowed, but a perfect circle of tall grass and clover is sitting in the middle of the near back yard.  I know aliens leave regular crop circles.  Do the people that live in the center of the earth leave the reversed ones?

3.  Can a modernist poet be a plagiarist or does the fact that he’s a modernist protect Eliot by reframing him as a contextualist?  Can a modernist poet plagiarize?  I’m not sure?


Oh, y’all, remind me that I need to take a picture of the bush I was able to determine was a lilac based on the arrival of the gift lilac from Liz.  Because it has flowers!  Mrs. Wigglebottom and I saw them when we were walking around this morning.  I looked at her and said, “Is something stuck in the lilac bush?” and she looked at me and said, “I’m a dog, remember?  I can’t say anything.” and we went over and looked and we have two clusters about to blossom.

Two whole clusters!

I laughed so hard when I saw that.

After the hacking Mom and I gave it last fall, to cut the dead stuff out, I felt like this was a sign from the plant–“I’m alive!  I swear!  Look!  I can flower.  Please, let me live.”

I am very charmed.  And, I believe the lilac.  It can flower and it will.

(Also, I got word from Beth that she has wisteria seeds for me.  I cannot tell you how excited I am about this.  The only slight drawback is that I want to plant the wisteria where the peas are.  But I’m willing to lose the peas to gain some wisteria.  Though, who knows?  Maybe this year they’ll both grow together okay.)

In Which I Make Like a Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist

I’m going to admit, I’ve given up on reading any threads at Pith or at Post Politics in which Heatseeker, Harrison, Morpheus, Dr. Jellyfinger, etc. participate, because usually by about four comments in, I can no longer understand what the hell they’re saying.  Chimpanistas, Captain Queequeg (am I missing something?  I have to be one of only 4 people in the world who’ve actually read Moby Dick and I don’t remember Queequeg ever being made captain.  Is this some inside reference to gay orgies?  Is Chip Forrester wearing a whale foreskin as a raincoat?  Just what exactly is the accusation here?  And how can someone who makes obscure literary references to insult Forrester dare turn around and call Forrester an elitist?), etc. etc. etc.  Every time it seems like a conversation might get going that has some substance and where people can ask questions and mull things over and hash things out, one of them shows up to start ranting at the commenters in their half-made-up language.  See what happened in the comments in Laura Creekmore’s post the other day as an example or this thread at Pith.

It’s like the second there’s any chance of people talking reasonably and disagreeing but trying to understand what’s going on, you can count on somebody to show up to start derailing the conversation.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s not on purpose.

I was thinking about our discussion the other day about what happened with the Music Row Democrats and how it certainly seemed like they should have been poised to bring some new ideas and new excitement to the Tennessee Democrats in general and how quickly they disappeared and how the rumors I’d heard was that it was made clear to them that their active participation in the party was unwelcome.

And here is my question.  Is it not clear to anyone who finds themselves having to try to detangle the nonsense surrounding the online discussion of the TNDP so as to stick to the hard discussions about who and what we are as a party that some people’s purpose (whether self-directed or not) is to make active participation impossible?  Could it be any clearer that we are not welcome to have these discussions?

All I have to say about the whole thing is this–Tennessee Democrats better hope that these guys are just independent assholes, because if they are not, then we have deeper problems than I think any of us know what to do about.

Some Quickies

Bunch and Campfield are unhappy about royalties.  This made me laugh out loud about three different times this morning.  One because they’re attacking academics’ royalties.  Oh gosh, boys!  Some people who take a penny never leave a penny! You’d better write up some legislation about that, too.  Two, because “required” doesn’t mean “legally obligated to.”  A “required reading” in a class is one that is central to the class.  You don’t have to buy it, right now.  They can’t make you.  But it’s going to make it very hard for you to take the course.  Which got me thinking, who is this person who is signing up for a class with a person he thinks so little of that he then resents having to buy that person’s book?  Could you imagine if Toni Morrison were teaching a class in Contemporary American Fiction over at TSU and some dumbass felt fucked over because he had to buy Beloved?  Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Are textbooks expensive?  Yes they are.  But by god, if that doesn’t sum up the Republican mindset in our state, I just don’t know what does.  “Textbooks are expensive so let’s screw over the dudes who write them, who make about a dollar a book, instead of addressing who all gets the other $99 or $199.”

–Rex Noseworthy does something so douchy that I refuse to link directly to it.  Here’s Kleinheider’s reporting on it.  If Frizzell made his own joke about it, then you need to be damn clear that that’s the case.  But the idea that anyone would joke about a veteran being jumpy about loud noises who is not that veteran himself?  Fucking gross.

2700 year old pothead.

Mrs. Wigglebottom and I Go for a Drive

After our disasterous morning, the dog and I decided to go for a drive, in part because we prefer to not listen to the Butcher shout words of encouragement so loud at Michigan State.  We decided to follow Old Clarksville Pike and how I wish I were some kind of forensic historian, because I felt like someone who knew waht she was seeing probably could have told you many cool things about the road and why it is where it is and such.  That’s not me.

I still did see some cool stuff.  The first was Hutton Valley, Population 4, one of whom was mowin his lawn.  I’m going to make an educated guess that one of the other citizens of Hutton Valley was a stone worker.





And there was this cool building at the top of the ridge.


Then we ended up in Fredonia and wondered at the strange, small red building.




Then we came home via Ashland City Highway and discovered Neptune.


And Mrs. Wigglebottom tempted fate by pooping on some antique Neptunians.


These were the two most interesting graves, because the decorations seemed so deliberate.



Then we saw the river.


And then we got to Scottsboro, our left turn to go home.


Here’s a close-up of the sign, so that the next time someone tells you that the folks in Scottsboro shouldn’t have a say in what goes on down in Bell’s Bend, you can point them to history.


When we got home, I took pictures of the trampled herb garden to show you.  I really hope the littlest herbs spring back.  It wasn’t just the trample that’s got them so shocked.  I think that being put outside on such a wild day after living so comfortably in my window was probably a lot to take in.  I hope they perk up.




Mrs. Wigglebottom keeps her own council.


In Which I Almost Have to Shoot My Dog

So, Mrs. Wigglebottom and I went out to take pictures for your enjoyment.  This involved me taking pictures and her…

Oh my god… It makes me mad to remember it…

her running through all the places I planted yesterday and peeing on my roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the fuck?!

Anyway, if you want your chance to have a dog less devoted to making you have a stroke, Newscoma needs some help finding homes for hers.

And I have a chance for you to look at many pictures of the daffodils in my yard that did not bother to bloom this year.

Sunday Gardening

I’ll have pictures later on, but I thought we might talk about two things.

1.  Have I ever told you about our efforts to grow cactuses from seed?  Let me just say that they are about the opposite of tomatos in terms of ease of growing from seed.  But I think that we are finally having some luck, not just with the prickly pear, which are relatively new seeds, but with seeds that the Butcher has had for years and years (hmm…).  The interesting thing, though, about growing cactus from seed is that they grow so slowly that you really have an opportunity to see what’s going on.  Some seeds seem to sprout literally over night.  One day you have dirt and the next day you have a tiny seedling.  How did that happen?  But with cactus seeds, you can see how they slowly, slowly swell up and then kind of break open and send a tiny root down and stretch up.

I like it.

2.  And this probably has more to do with gardening than the first.  What plants do you just find easier to buy than to go through the hassle of growing from seed?  For me, this is always rosemary.  Is there a person alive who’s ever gotten rosemary to grow from seed?  If so, I don’t know them.  I have a bunch of lavender seeds that are in the perennial herb garden out front, but I also bought a lavender plant at Home Depot yesterday.  Funny enough, I ended up with two different varieties of lavender seeds and the plant I bought is a different variety than either of those two.  It’ll be interesting to see how those look.

Is This Jamie Kennedy’s Attempt to Get a Free Meal?

We watched Heckler last night, which is a documentary about heckers, incuding douchy critics and douchebag bloggers.  The filmmakers interview a lot of folks about heckling, but the thing the film coelesces around is Jamie Kennedy going around reading or saying back to the hecklers/critics, “Why are you so mean to me?”

In lesser hands, this would sound whiny–like why are you so mean to ME, poor put-upon me?  But I think the reason it works so well is that Kennedy seems truly interested in trying to understand them, why are THEY so mean to another person, who in this case, happens to be him, a guy who can turn it back on them.

It’s interesting to watch him pull aside hecklers and ask them why they’re doing what they’re doing and to see the hecklers try to pass it off as saying, “To help you get better” and then him say, “Okay, so you have my attention.  What would make me better?  What, exactly, should I be doing differently?” and then the hecklers say “Be funny.”

Which, you know, in writing it, sounds kind of like a score for the hecklers, but in seeing it, seeing him willing to open himself genuinely up to these folks and basically say, “I am listening, really trying to hear what you’re saying.” and to see them kind of flounder and only come up with douchiness in response is pretty appalling.

Yeah, I mean, sure, of course there could have been some folks who did take a moment to try to give thoughtful answers, and, if they exist, we don’t see them.

There’s a lot of discussion, too, about what the “proper” role of the critic is and, of course, I disagree with the folks who are trying to argue that you have to have done what you are criticizing in order to properly criticize it.  But the broader point that many of the folks are trying to make–that the critic should be engaged with the thing the are criticizing–the movie or the performance–and not the performer, personally, seems well-placed.

But, yes, back to the title of my post.  By the end of the thing, you just want to invite Kennedy to your house and set him at your kitchen table and feed him a meal while everyone talks about basketball or something.

Now, Let’s Have Some Rain

Y’all, I totally busted my hump gardening today.  I got bluebells, foxglove, and lupin all along the side of the house.  I put marigolds by the parsley, the peas, all the roses, and marigold seeds spread everywhere.  I have some sunflowers in one of the beds.  I pulled up all of the stuff in the front bed, all the dying bushes and the grass and then prepped the bed and planted it with perennial herbs–sage, lavender, some stuff I can’t remember, and rosemary.

Got it all done so that the sky can open up and do my watering for me.

So, storm, where are you?

Southern Bred

Nashville, have you been to this restaurant before?  It’s a meat and three on Trinity Lane right off Ellington and it is fabulous.  A meat and three sides is $9 and it’s a huge amount of food.  Huge.  And everyone is very nice and the food is fantastic.

The Butcher insisted we go there for lunch and now I’m insisting that you go there, if you get the chance.


Okay, gardeners, I was reading this post by Chris Clarke and it reminded me of my problems with marigolds.  As you may recall, I was stunned to learn that the mysterious and powerful calendula was, when I found it at Home Depot, just regular old marigolds.  But I went to Wikipedia and learned that regular old marigolds, in spite of what the package says, aren’t calendula, they are tagetes.  Seemingly, the only for sure calendula I have are the fancy marigolds I got to intersperce in my garden.

But I have a shit ton of tagetes that I have been planting everywhere thinking that a marigold was a marigold and that it works to keep away pests.

But now, I don’t know.  Is it only calendula which keeps away pests or is it tagetes too or ony tagetes or what?


We had to go to Hendersonville yesterday and it reminded me that I’m still not quite used to living up here.  Before, having to go to Hendersonville was like “Oh god, no, Hendersonville!  It’s so far away.”

So, when we had to go to Hendersonville yesterday, I was all “Ugh, Hendersonville, no!”

But, it’s really just right over there.  Very easy to get to and to find what you need.

So, I apology, Hendersonville, about always being a whiny baby about you.

Two Questions

1.  How can the same person who pronounces Pulaski “pew-lass-key” pronounce Buchanan “Buck-cannon”?

2.  Do you remember when seed companies used to give away two different baseball caps?  How the caps for women had a poofy ball on top?  Do they still make those?

The Cats Hatch the Opposite of an Escape Plan

An inscape plan?  A break-in?  Hogan’s Heros for the feline set?

I don’t know what you’d call it, but we have it.  Here’s the problem.  Since the neighbors’ break in, we’ve been keeping the door from the garage to the outside shut and locked at night.  Which means that, when some brat… er, cat wants to go out first thing in the morning, and insists on going out into the garage, even though the front door would lead him to the actual outside, he is then trapped in the garage.  Which, after he has deposited some footprints on my windshield right where I will need to see to drive, ceases to be amusing.

So, he wants back in.

Which he attempts this morning by tearing down the screen on the storm door between the garage and the house.  Which means that his fat ass is then trapped between the storm door and the door-door.


Luckily for him, the tiny cat starts launching dog food all over the kitchen, making such a huge racket that I have to come investigate, before the dog figures out what she’s doing and gets upset.  And folks, as a side note, I know it’s poor manners for a dog to bark and chase off the cats when she’s eating, but they do shit like this to her food all the time!  It’s not like a little food aggression is unwarrented.  They are constantly fucking with her food and, when they think no one’s looking, they eat it.

Anyway, so I rescued the orange cat, but then!  Then he ran back to the Butcher’s room and was all “meow meow meow” like he was tattling on me!  Like somehow it was my fault that he got stuck between the doors after his little take-down of the screen.

I couldn’t believe that little fucker totally narc-ed on me for something I didn’t do.

God.  Yesterday I was determined to make “Fowler” into a word that meant “lying in a way that is demonstrably untrue but expecting folks to just take your word for it because you have balls the size of Australia,” and today, I totally think that cat tried to Fowler about me to the Butcher.

Anyway, my point is that they clearly want some way to continue to force us to open doors for them to let them out (they seem to enjoy that) but for those doors to just remain open until they come back in.

And by “they” I mean that brat the orange cat.


Why is this Person Telling this Story?

I don’t know if you clicked through, but earlier Prin posted a link to this story about how there are rumors of girls in Wisconsin taking livestock drugs to induce abortions.  I was all prepared to write a post being all “Holy Jesus, how could this be happening?”  But then I read the story and did some googling.  And every single story about girls shooting themselves with cow medication seems to come back to one woman saying that she knows of ten girls who have done this.  I quote:

So far, the professionals in animal and human health and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction are treating the reports of girls inducing their own abortions with prostaglandins – drugs commonly used by cow breeders to regulate animals’ heat cycles – as rumors, because no cases have been officially confirmed by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

But Anna Anderson, the executive director of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Green County in Monroe, maintains that she has identified at least 10 girls ages 14 to 18 in a three-county area who admitted to taking some form of cow abortifacient in the past year. Care Net is part of a large system of pro-life, Christian-affiliated pregnancy resource centers that counsel women against abortions.

Anderson said the girls told her they took it because they found it to be a cheap and easy way to end their pregnancies without their parents finding out.

And I find this interesting because it sounds plausibe until you start to consider the details as we have them.  A cow weighs quite a bit and a teenage girl, in comparison, doesn’t.  So, girls are supposed to be self-medicating in this way and yet no one has ended up in the hospital or dead?  How would teenage girls find out about this?  The articles mention emails and websites, but I tried googling every thing I could think of that might bring up a site that would tell me how to induce an abortion with prostaglandin drugs, and the sites Google found, no matter what terms I used, seemed only to bring up stories about how Anna Anderson is telling everyone that girls are doing this.  And email?  In this day of cell phones and text messages, do kids send email anymore?

But weirder still–why would girls who have already done this report it to Anna Anderson?  She runs a pregnancy center that counsels women against having abortions.  Are the girls in Green County so depraved that after they have abortions, they come in to brag to the anti-abortion folks about what they’ve done?  Taunt them with their acts?  If so, then why supposedly go to the effort to have an abortion in a way that can be kept hidden?  Don’t get me wrong.  I know teenage girls are idiots, but it strains credulity to think that they’d be so desperate to hide their abortions that they’d inject cow drugs to keep their parents from finding out, but then they’d go brag to the local anti-abortion crusader–who seems to have a remarkably big mouth, with the calling of the school and the spreading it to the media–like it was no big thing.

So, the whole thing seems implausible.  Highly implausible.

So why tell it?

Why would Anna Anderson make this up?  In a weird way, it almost seems like she’s hoping that a girl near where she is will hear about this method and try it, thus confirming the story and proving that she was right all along.  But she’s right that a kid could die trying this, and I think we have to give Anderson the benefit of the doubt that she’s not hoping for anyone’s death.

Okay then what?  Is she trying to signal to the parents and school officials in her community that she is someone who must be listened to because she knows things about the children in their care that they don’t?  And what would that be?  That they might be sluts and you’d never know it?

Or is it some kind of anxiety about living in a farming community and seeing that livestock’s reproduction is manipulated casually in ways that you find completely inappropriate for humans?

Is it about the threat of girls being able to do what they want with their bodies without anyone knowing?  A way for her to call a bluff on girls who might be considering an abortion of any kind?  Trying to insinuate that they may think that what they’ve done is a secret but that she will find out and she will tell?

I’m not sure.

But I find it strange.

A Few Gardening Questions

1.  Is there any good way to tell a weed from a perennial the last owners of your house may have left you or do you just have to kind of let it go and see what it becomes?

2.  My amazing gardening book says that raspberries don’t have berries in the first year.  But it also says that almost all nurseries sell year-old stock.  So, I have no idea if I’m going to get raspberries on the raspberry I just planted this year or not.  What do you think?

3.  Let us also consider daffodils.  As you know, the ones I got as a gift from the college professor are marvelously awesome and have worked beyond my wildest dreams.  But the other ones that came up?  Ugh.  That has not gone so great.  The one by the rose got a bunch of buds, but they never really bloomed and now the buds seem to just be drying up on the plant.  The ones by the north-west side of the house have one bloom each and in all the daffodils that run down the length of the driveway?  One bloom.  It’s a pretty incredible looking bloom, don’t get me wrong, but one bloom.

My hypothesis is that they’re just at the point where they need to be dug up and split, given some room to breathe and grow (I especially think this because the one lone bloom by the driveway is on a daffodil that appears to be a few inches off from the main clump).  But my question for you more experienced gardeners is this: when do I do that?  And, once I’ve dug them up, do I immediately space them out and replant them or do I wait to replant them in the fall?  This is made a little trickier by the fact that they are in with some other thing–I’m hoping lillies of some sort.  So, if I wait for everything to dry out, how can I dig up the daffodils without disturbing the lillies (or whatever they end up being?

4.  And have you ever seen anything so cute?  I have succumbed to the toe-nibbling cuteness and I’m not even there.

We’ll Travel ‘Round the World. We’ll Dress Like Minnie Pearl. ‘Cause…

Ha, it brings a smile to my face to know that, if you recognize the title of this post, by this point in your reading of this very post, you’re saying to yourself, “If you don’t have Mojo Nixon, then your store could use some fixin’.”

Anyway, I wanted to report that, thanks to my awesome up-the-ridge neighbor, Liz, my bottle tree is now complete.

And someone sent the Butcher cookies.  Again.  I don’t know if this is some sweet little girl trying to get his attention or if he’s joined some kind of homemade-cookie-of-the-month club or if he’s just raiding other people’s mailboxes to bring home sweets their grandmothers intended for them or what, but I like it.

It’s been a hard winter around here, but it’s also been really good, too.  We have good friends and good fortune and I feel like I’m slowly learning to be less of a reclusive freak.  Kind of.  Okay, maybe only a little less.  But I feel compelled to try to learn to be as good to people as they have been to me.

It Boggles the Mind

And, really, thank god for Campfield’s mind-boggles, because after this afternoon only a mind-boggle like he delivers could unboggle my mind from discovering that I’m spouting Republican talking points.

So, anyway, I’m reading along about his exciting adventure with his “presumption of joint custody” bill when he says

Currently 95% of contested custody cases go to the woman. Even when abuse is not part of the equation at all that number holds true. Where possible, reasonable, wanted and in the best interest of children that should be the case. The single parent household is killing the development of children. While not always the case you can look at about any study and the single parent household will rank at the top as a factor or common denominator for a child’s failure. Both parents are important to the life and development of the child and not just as a wallet.

America, I don’t even know what to say.  If this passes this year is he going to require next year that divorcing parents continue to live together?  Or that you can only get divorced once you have someone else lined up to marry?  Because, if not, I don’t understand how he’s going to prevent kids of divorced parents from living in single-parent households.  Even if parents have joint custody, the kids will still have two single parent households to be shuffled between.

So, what am I missing here?  Are Republicans going to work on banning divorce next?  Or will they get in the spouse-handing-out business?

Clearly the End-Times Are Here

Oh sweet and tender Jesus, I just got an email from Bill Fucking Hobbs containing a link to this press release and I…


God damn it, am I on the same fucking side of an issue as the god damn TNGOP?!!!!!!

I only have minor quibbles with this press release.

Have I lost my mind?

Am I drunk and don’t realize it?

Am I about to have to stand before God Almighty and listen to Him say “I don’t want you here, but I can’t stand to listen to your mother cry for eternity, so I guess you can come.”?

Will I be able to sneak through some back gate of Heaven to go play volva to the Aesir in the afterlife?

Ah, well, fuck it.  Times are weird and when times are weird, weird things happen.

But promise me this, readers, if I am drunk and don’t realize it, and drunk on something that makes Republicans seem reasonable, will you promise that, if you catch me flashing my boob freckle at Campfield and whispering seductive things in his ear, that you will come over and clock me upside the head and sit outside with me until you can put me in the Butcher’s car and he can take me home?

Is the Governor’s Sentiment Un-American?

Kleinheider reports that Colby Sledge reports that the Governor says:

Bredesen says we’re “upside-down” when it comes to community colleges; there are too few people in two-year programs and too many in four-year programs.

This is irritating enough, but Sledge further reports:

On cost savings in higher education: “I think you can reduce some administration costs within the system … The real cost savings in the system are in not starting PhD programs in some of the schools around here.”

And what do you even say to that?  A PhD program that results in grad students who get paid next to nothing to teach is hardly a huge cost factor, when you consider the massive amounts of labor they provide.  Of course, if there are fewer students going to 4-year colleges, because the governor thinks they should all be in 2 year colleges, then you don’t need grad students to teach them, so I guess the circle of stupidity comes… god, backed myself into a corner here… full circle.  Yes the circle comes full circle.  That’s the best I could come up with.  Sorry.

I have two trains of thought thought.  One is practical.  Are there a bunch of employers in Tennessee or in the nation who want employees with an associate’s degree?  The governor seems to think that there should be more people in two-year colleges than there are in four-year colleges.  But this would only be true if most employers prefered to have employees with two-year degrees and a much smaller amount wanted folks with four-year degrees.  I could be wrong, but this seems to not be the case.  Even if having a two-year degree is the minimum requirement for a job, if you are a 22 year old person applying for it and you have a two-year degree and two years of work experience and the other person applying for the job has a four-year degree, I’d think you’d be pretty reasonable in being afraid they’d rather have the kid with the Bachelor’s degree, even with less experience.

Also in my experience, there are three types of students who attend two-year schools.  People who are trying to get the first two years out of the way in an inexpensive manner but who then transfer to four-year schools to finish up.  (So, assuming that the Governor doesn’t disapprove of this track, wouldn’t you still end up with more people in four-year schools, because they’d contain the people who started at that school and the people who transfered in?)  People who are trying to acquire skills they need in their careers (and these folks may have jobs that need these skills right now or they are trying to get those jobs in the future).  And kids who aren’t going to college, for one reason or another, but who just haven’t come to accept that truth yet.

So, for the vast majority of people who attend two-year schools successfully, it is a tool for acquiring skills they need to achieve a goal they have.  It’s not, despite the stereotype, a holding tank for losers.

To me, it makes sense that there would be fewer people attending two-year schools than there are attending four-year schools, if the two-year schools are working how they should.  You get people in and out and on with their lives.  You don’t have the dalliers trying to figure out what they need.

But my other train of thought is philosophical.  Bredesen went to Harvard.  He’s now filthy rich.  And he achieved both of those things because, at heart, he thought that he could do it.  That even a kid who lived with his mom and grandma after his parents’ divorce could go to Harvard if he was inclined and could get in and could figure out how to pay for it.

So, considering his background–that he has what he has because he had the idea that it was possible–I think it’s frankly really shitty to say that we have too many people attending four-year colleges.

In fact, it seems down-right un-American.  Why shouldn’t as many people as can go to four-year colleges?  And why shouldn’t as many people as can go to two-year colleges?

Why should our governor be sitting around acting like folks are just going to have to accept that we’re not all going to be able to get the education we need?

That’s something a person might come to realize.  You might want to go to Belmont, but the kids and the boss aren’t going to make that possible.  But that’s a choice you should get to make.

It’s not something the governor should be setting as some kind of public policy.

Education is key to being able to pull yourself out of poverty, out of crappy jobs, and bad situations.  It opens doors for you that are otherwise very difficult to get open.  An educated work-force is attractive to employers.

Why are we talking like it’s not that important for the future of Tennesssee?