Planting the Enemy

The Butcher has asked me to plant strawberries.  Beautiful strawberries.  Luscious, red strawberries filled with strawberry goodness.  The kind of goodness that is constantly trying to kill me.

So, since I’ve become allergic to strawberries, I have tried not to think about them at all.  Because I love the and they love to try to do me in.

But shit, if the Butcher wants strawberries, I’m not opposed.  But when should I plant them?  I saw some at Home Depot yesterday, but I didn’t pick them up.  I think I have an idea for where to stick them, too, but I’m open to all kinds of knowledge.  Put it on me.

As for the daffodils, at this point, I’m sure they’re mocking me.  I came home yesterday after spending all afternoon trying to find a powercord for the laptop and saw that my two neighbors to the north have daffodils IN BLOOM.  My daffodils can see the blooming daffodils along the side of my neighbor’s house.

And still nothing.

So, of course, it snowed last night.  And now, if you listen quietly, you can hear my daffodils quietly mocking me.  “We told you we know what we’re doing, B.  We told you.”

So, let’s talk gardening.

13 thoughts on “Planting the Enemy

  1. I think you should let the Butcher plant them and tend the strawberries, since he’ll be the one eating them.

  2. I was leaving the house the other day and looked out of the car window and spotted something yellow in the yard. 3 daffodils in full bloom. Yesterday, prior to the snow, I picked them, brought them inside and put them in a vase – they are now sitting near the window on a small table. They remind me spring is approaching very soon. I’m getting giddy.

    I’m with NM on the let the Butcher plant his own strawberries.

  3. I’m thinking this is why they created those clay Strawberry Jars.

    It’s very early for daffodils this year. They are blooming about a week to 2 weeks early around here. Be patient.

  4. Oh, the first of the new daffodils I planted last fall just bloomed. Nyah, nyah, nyah. It’s in the front yard, though; even my returning daffs haven’t bloomed in the back yard yet. I like this; I get a long progression of blooms this way.

  5. Well, I was going to post some pics of my garden yesterday but decided to do cat blogging instead. My lilacs are producing leaves, my daffodils are in bloom, my camellias have big, fat flower buds on them and my freaking ROSE BUSHES have new leaves.

    So what can I say. It’s spring at my house. Must be all of the hot air I’m spewing.


  6. My daffodils are ready to pop but haven’t yet. Then I saw that my neighbors’ had come out beautifully but were all hanging their heads like they got too cold Friday night. I’m convinced that mine and yours aren’t lazy, just smart enough to wait until after the snow.

  7. I have daffodils and crocuses up, but not blooming. I have a lot of irises up, but they never died completely back and some bloomed a few months ago when we had a warm spell so I’m not sure what will happen there. I’m also seeing buds on the forsythia and leaves on the rose bush.

  8. I’m in mid-MO, and our yellow crocuses have been blooming for a week. These have been established for about four years, now, and are on the south (protected) side of the house. No daffodils yet, not even close…sigh.
    The purple and white crocuses? Nowhere in sight. I think the yellow ones were early to the party.

  9. Right now they just sort of look like long blades of dark green grass, with a light stripe up the middle (and a few buds). Eventually they will have purple blooms. I just happen to have put them somewhere where I would recognize them, otherwise they don’t look like much right now.

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