Reason Number 2 I feel So Fondly Towards the People Who Owned This House Before Me

I do think those are crocuses under the tree by the creek.  That would not be where I planted crocuses.  I planted crocuses further north along the creek in a loose line.

I have the daffodils I planted along the front ditch.  But there are daffodils everywhere in the yard.

And there are irises everywhere, though I already knew that.  And who knows what these mystery things will turn out to be.  And later on, there will be lilies, because we still had the green left from the lilies when we moved in here last year.

They left all this cool stuff all around the yard and also left space for us to add our own cool stuff.

I want so much to spend today gardening.  I don’t know how to explain it.  It’s just this body-deep ache to be outside, in the sun, with my hands in the dirt.  I hope the strawberries in the fountain work out.  I’m a little worried about drainage.  I think it’s going to be tricky to keep them wet but not too wet.  But it makes me so happy to look out my window and see the little white flowers.

I haven’t seen hide nor hair of the peas yet.  But I have my eye out.  I’m worried that the spot might not get enough sun, but there’s a trellis there, that they put up, and I trust that something grows there–or they wouldn’t have put up the trellis–and I just have to figure out what.

One thought on “Reason Number 2 I feel So Fondly Towards the People Who Owned This House Before Me

  1. The first spring in a new house is always the most exciting!

    Also, I have heard that crocuses have a tendency to migrate because they are so shallow, but that can depend on a lot of factors.

    Based on the age of your house, you’ll probably see some grape hyacinths (bluebells) soon–look for them. They’re tiny, but smell like grape candy.

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