Whining about Wine

There is no good reason we should not be able to buy wine in grocery stores.  And, I’m sure, if you read Tennessee blogs, you’ll see lots of good reasons why we should be able to.

I would like to talk about two.

1.  Two-buck Chuck (which I believe is now up to three dollars).  This is a surprisingly yummy assortment of cheap wine you can get at Trader Joe’s in most parts of the country.  You probably get it now, when your friends smuggle it back from St. Louis.

2.  Tennessee wines.  We have some really nice wines that are locally produced.  Why shouldn’t those wines be allowed to reach as wide an audience as possible?

I’m kind of surprised that we’re even having this argument.

8 thoughts on “Whining about Wine

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  3. oh, oh, meant to tell you that I had a decent bottle of Polka Dot german Riesling the other night. It’s a very nice, dark blue bottle that would look good on the tree. If I could have kept the bottle, I’d give it to you. But I was at a restaurant. So maybe pick on up at another liquor store that sells more varieties than that place close to you.

  4. What are you doing here? I thought you were in South Carolina! Shoot, I would have bothered you yesterday if I’d known you were around.

  5. oh, the tickets were too expense. and the weather is so cold, that even she didn’t go. I’m working. writing, supposedly. Well, now I’m working on mid-semester deficiencies. but, yeah, I think I have none!

  6. It’s the Tennessee liquor companies and their lobbyists, plus a dash of the churches. This kind of thing intrudes on their profits/morals. One more reason to get out of TN.

  7. Two Buck Chuck, also known as Charles Shaw, is a product of Bronco Wines, headed by a man named Fred Franzia. The wine is quite good. You can find wines actually sold in boxes labeled Franzia in Tennessee. Awesome!

    As far as Tennessee wines, you’re right! They are quite good. But I don’t think Walmart or Kroger will be selling them! Taking wine customers from the local stores will HURT the Tennessee wineries – DON’T DO IT!!! Don’t hurt Tennessee farmers! Who CARE about the soil! Who love the earth!

    Best let well enough alone. True wine appreciation means CARING – about the grape from the soil – the very earth we live on – to your belly! That isn’t something Walmart does. Walmart would sell wine from China (is this rumor true?)!

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