Are We To Believe that Nashville Police are Stupid?

In the Tennessean article, Sheriff Hall says

Hall says he doesn’t think the criticisms in the report apply to his program. He’s got no problem with bed space, averaging 300 empty beds system-wide, and he believes the way Nashville is set up — with Metro police making arrests and the sheriff’s department booking offenders — should alleviate fears of racial profiling or abuse of power the report highlighted as community concerns.

This just makes no sense on its surface.  How is “the police arrest people” and “the sheriff’s department books people” a safety net?  Are we supposed to believe that Metro police are so stupid that they don’t get that, if, when they pull over a Hispanic person and they are faced with the decision to arrest him or not, if they arrest him, his immigration status will be checked?

To me, this sounds like Hall is trying to have it both ways.  When 287(g) is being lauded, well, sure he’ll go talk to your community group or your racist organization or whoever to explain “his” program and how well it works.  But when someone says “You’re racially profiling Hispanics,” then it’s not his fault.  He can’t control who the police arrest.  They’re the issue, not his program.

If I were a police officer and I read that article, I’d be a little unhappy to see Hall insinuating I’m the problem.

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