What is an Appropriate Gift for a Daffodil?

So, I’m trying to pull out of my driveway onto Clarksville Pike, but there’s traffic, caused, I’m sure, by the twin specters of everyone in the neighborhood being struck by a severe lack of water pressure in the shower, thus causing us all to run late, and some folks refusing to listen to me when I tell you what a shitty, unsightly part of town this is, where even the birds have tattoos and tiny motorcycles they drive up and down the road in the middle of the night, loudly, with their girls on the back, all while a bad Judas Priest cover band roams from house to house demanding money to leave.  It’s like some evil shivary all the time up in my neck of the woods.  Stay away!

Where was I?

Oh, yes, so I’m sitting there waiting for a break in traffic when I look over and there, among the daffodils I got from the College Professor, and I see a flash of yellow among the green.  I will have to look more closely this evening, but I believe, I believe, I have my first bloom.

And who even expected it from the new bulbs?  I hope it shames the daffodils emeritus to get busy blooming.

I am so tickled.

5 thoughts on “What is an Appropriate Gift for a Daffodil?

  1. How funny – I actually saw the same thing today – I was pulling out of street and looked over and this wee little yellow among green shoots just jumped out at me. It is here! Spring! (almost)

  2. Are you looking for a gift to yourself for seeing the daffodil, or a gift to the daffodil? If the latter, bulbs enjoy a little bulb fertilizer when they start to bloom; if the former, chartreuse makes an appropriately colorful drink.

  3. I’m dying for mine to start blooming. I have a ridiculous number of bulbs in the yard that are just starting to poke up a few inches out of the ground.

    I’m jealous of your early-shower.

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