Too Sick to Garden, But Not Too Sick to Talk about Gardening

I was hoping to get the garden spot nailed down and some tilling done, at the least.  I had dreams of getting the back flower beds cleaned up and ready for planting.  Instead, I spent all yesterday in a drug induced semi-coma exactly where I plan to spend today in a drug-induced semi-coma–on the couch, with the TV on.

I caught Dwayne Johnson on Saturday Night Live, though, and that just tickled the shit right out of me.  I like that he seems game for everything and there’s something about his ability to connect the audience to his delight in what he’s doing that made, I thought, even the most terrible skits watchable.

I felt a little bad for Fred Armistead, though, because no only was Ba-Rock Obama pretty amusing on its own, Dwayne Johnson inherently has that kind of smooth charisma that Obama has, but Armistead lacks.  Seeing Johnson as Obama made me feel like there were all kinds of funny things a person could do to send up Obama, but I just don’t feel like Armistead gets it.

Then I caught the “Why Yes, MTV is Trying to Kill Chris Clarke Show,” in which a bunch of semi-obnoxious daredevils go all these places Chris Clarke loves and drive all over them in whatever vehicles the have handy and then launch themselves and those vehicles into canyons where, after parachuting to the bottom, they are rescued by helicoptors and I don’t know what becomes of their motorcycles.

It’s a sign I’m getting old, I know, because believe me, when the first in this genre came out–Jackass–it was such a nice antidote to the Tom Greene show that I watched it with a real sense of joy and relief.  I mean, I’m sure it can be annoying to be caught up in Jackassian chicanery, but I can’t remember it ever being directed at people who weren’t in on it.  Where as Greene’s whole thing was about making people who didn’t know what he was up to the butts of his pranks.  Which is not to say that Jackass was a perfect program, just that it was so much better than what came before.

But now?  This third or fourth generation?  Maybe it’s me.  It just seems obnoxious in a really sad way.  Because here’s all this stuff that is amazing in its own right and the whole show is about people who go to these amazing places and turn those amazing places into their playpens.  It’s never about engaging your surroundings as they are, but, no matter what, forcing your surroundings to conform to your preexisting ideas of what fun is.

Anyway, let’s talk gardening.  I planted some tomato seeds for NM to see if I can get them started.  At the same time, I started some herbs and continued on our quest to grow cactuses from seed.  What kinds of things are y’all planning on growing?  Did you get any good work done in the yard this weekend?  And are you noticing all the birds squabbling around?

And the Butcher and I are worried about how huge our tomato seedlings are.  Will they be okay for the coming month, until we put them in the ground or did we start them too early?

The First Blooms of Spring

For y’all, I went outside, even under these circumstances, to show you my first open daffodils.  They came from the batch the college professor sent me, though the ones who were here before seem to have been about ready to bloom for ages now.