Artists, Tell Me I Can Do This

Okay, after sitting on the couch for two days I have decided a number of things.  1.  Someone needs to dust the TV screen.  2.  Our TV is very small.  3.  There isn’t much to look at on that wall other than the TV.  4.  The dude on Color Splash has convinced me that art solves all problems.

Which makes for a hell of a lot of gold wall to stare at.

So, I was thinking that what would be awesome is to get a great big canvas (or a great big piece of wood like Color Splash dude paints on) and do a white background and one giant Tennessee Coneflower curving up through it.

Here is an artist’s rendering of the process.


Ha, ha, ha, ha.  Yeah, maybe I should just find someone who’s been to art school and ask them what they’d charge to paint me a coneflower.  Clearly the realism of my talent is too much for the world to handle right now.

18 thoughts on “Artists, Tell Me I Can Do This

  1. Also, my boobs appear to be so large in that photo that one of them has come around back to have some extra room.

    Sorry folks, that’s not the case in real life.

  2. So the man who lives in my house is a photographer. One of the things we have talked about doing is taking some of his closeups (flowers or the kid or something artsy) and getting it printed on canvas and stretched as wall art. With the right resolution, it looks pretty good. If we were to do it, we’d use the local lab he patronizes, but there are interweb shops too, like this one:
    Flickr is full of creative commons coneflowers, but I think you’d want a higher resolution for anything large enough to go on the wall. If you know someone with a decent digital camera, hell, you could take your own shot.

  3. the cheap way to go on this is to have the flower printed out on an iron on and then iron it on canvas. I saw it done at a local design firm. Very cool.

  4. take your own photograph. blow it up to the size you want. then use a paint brush to apply a clear coat or varnish following the contours of the shapes in the photograph. Frame it.

    You have a completed “painting” with brush strokes and everything that you made yourself!

  5. I have a few thoughts on this; you knew I would.

    If you want to do it on canvas, it might be kind of expensive to buy an already stretched one of a decent size, or else you could stretch your own canvas, which is also expensive by the time you buy wood, canvas, gesso, the special pliers, etc., as well as knowing how to stretch the canvas properly.

    As for blowing up photos, especially that large, while an excellent idea, it can also be expensive. We used to do that sort of thing in our business, and the supplies are somewhat costly. If you DO want to go that route, dolphin’s idea is good. You could get a bunch of color copies made at Kinko’s or somewhere, attach them to something, and then do a Warhol-type thing with them, or maybe you can do that before you get them copied or something.

    If you do want to paint it yourself (and why shouldn’t you?), here’s what I recommend: get yourself some 1x2s and make into a frame. Get yourself some masonite in the same size and nail it into the frame. NOW cover that with a few coats of gesso, sanding between each coat until you have the kind of finish you like, and then paint! Inexpensive acrylic paints and brushes are widely available at places like Michael’s. The Old Masters painted on wood just like this, and it’s my favorite surface as well. You can paint the outside of the ‘frame’ too, or else just get some inexpensive slatting and make that a frame. That’s what we used to do as cheap art majors in college.

  6. Don’t you live with an artist? Is this something you could commission as his patroness?

  7. Just paint it on the wall. Or let the the Butcher melt the crayons directly on.

    I do happen to live with a person who went to art school. And as an added bonus commision her and any time she was over painting there would be two babies getting into everything below knee level in your house and generally making sure Mrs. W gets her exercise.

  8. I’m an artist. What I would not suggest is using a white canvas on a gold wall with a blue/purple cornflower. Some other background than white would be better. What color is your gold wall? (paint chip id?) A darker or lighter tone than the wall might work, or a lemon green background would pop the flower without dazzling the eyes with plain white.

    Another option: you could stretch a canvas on frame, paint in the background, and then project a picture of the flower on the canvas and paint it sort of like paint by number.

  9. Or, instead of a painting, how about a giant paper relief sculpture, with colored paper shaped into petals and the center a circle of graduated paper cones spiraling from high in the center to low on the outer edges.

  10. Ha, Chris, did you take a look at my “awesome” sketch? And now you’re talking giant paper relief sculptures?! That drawing is the extent of my artistic talent.

  11. Yes, I saw. I figured if you had that much ability, you could for sure use a pair of scissors and glue. Possibly even better than painting something.

  12. I vote for flower art made by smooshing your boobs in paint and then smooshing them on the wall. With maybe a small framed photo of the boobglow experiments on a nearby smaller patch of wall.

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