To Go or Not to Go

It’s at that point in this cold and in the morning where I’m waffling on whether to go to work.  I feel so much better than I did, even though I don’t feel up to par, that I think I could go and sit through a day and be there for the things I have to be there for, though I could just as easily sleep on the couch all day and be fine tomorrow.  At this point, I seem to be just full of snot and not anything else, so I probably will go.  But I wish my co-workers were not constantly dragging themselves to work when they were clearly, clearly too sick to come in, because it makes me feel like a precident has been set–if you can get out of bed, you can come to work.

2 thoughts on “To Go or Not to Go

  1. I went to work on the day I felt about like you do, and ended up being even sicker the next day and dragging it all out for 4 more days.

  2. I agree with crackerjackheart.

    It’s better to miss say two days of work sick, get healthy from the rest and come back, than to be at work sick, slowly the recovery, and working at 50% productivity for a week.

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