Ooo. I Forgot to Tell You About Our Neighbor

We have a bat!  Who is hopefully not living at the top of the chimney, but maybe in a nearby tree.

Ha, I’m sorry.  Eventually the novelty of having a house will wear off, but bear with me.

I tried to make the Butcher look at the daffodils but he refuses.  He says he’s only interested in looking at sunflowers and until we have some of those planted, he’s not looking down.  And then he started talking smack about Warren Harding!

And that just cracks me up.  Who talks smack about Warren Harding just all randomly?  I think those Diet Mountain Dew commercials with the rasslin’ Lincoln have got the Butcher feeling a little Presidential Smackdown in general.

Speaking of neighbors, tonight we’re going over to have dinner with our neighbor to the south, who got broken into.  I’m a little nervous because the Butcher made friends with them ages ago and I have been behaving like my usual weirdo unfriendly self, so I have only talked to them a little in passing about their break-in, their dogs, and whether they have water pressure.  The Butcher has already debated human cloning with them.

I am sometimes a little jealous of the Butcher’s grace and comfort in any situation.

14 thoughts on “Ooo. I Forgot to Tell You About Our Neighbor

  1. They have little bat houses you can hang up. As I think they are weird but I can’t look away from bats, it might be something cool to have.
    Of course, I’m not sure if bats are cool outdoor pets though. ;)

  2. Bats are awesome. They will have no effect on the racoons or squirrels, but they will eat the hell out of your mosquito and gnat population. I hope you get dozens of them; it will make your yard a good place to be in the evening when you want to sit out.

  3. Damn girl, I have to give some credit. You can even get shit stirred up on a month-old post. The sniper has hit a cord with some folks.

  4. Echo what everbody else says about bats and mosquitos! We’re putting a bunch of bat boxes on our property just for their mosquito eating. the common brown bat consumes up to half it’s body weight in insects each night. That means ALOT less mosquitos and ALOT less garden pests (which they prefer to mosquitos when they can find them as they are a bigger meal for the same amount of work, but they still eat alot of mosquitos as well).

    And they are cool…

  5. But what will eat my suicidal lady bugs? And why, exactly, do I have all these dead lady bugs on my window sill? I certainly don’t have 50 living ladybugs in my house at any given time, and yet, I regularly have 50 dead ones.

    Casey, my shit-stirring is legendary. It’s really my only useful skill.

  6. Dolphin, you’ll have to remember to let us know how the bat boxes work. I’d happily provide homes for bats, if they’ll use them.

  7. I’ll try to remember to report back, but it may be awhile. We are STILL waiting on the surveyor to finsih doing what he’s got to do before we can even start building and we’ll most likely get OUR house done before the bats’ houses, but it’s definately in our plans to put them up.

  8. As far as I know, nothing eats those damn lady bugs and they’re everywhere. Somehow, they’ve made a key to the house and spread it among their brethren in the hood. We have a horde in the house every day.

    Bats will use the bat houses. We had one at the other house. It was there every night eating like crazy. I used to turn on the outside lights to make sure he got enough.

  9. I actually think that crows (and a number of other birds) will eat lady bugs, but if you have a garden, they are beneficial little bugs to have around.

    You sure your ladybugs are dead? Ladbugs “play dead” when threatened (complete with releasing small amounts of blood from their legs). that may be why you only see dead ones, maybe some of your dead ones are also some of your live ones!

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