Another Thing to Put on the To-Do List: Elf Census

I find this story from Slate so charming I just about can’t even tell you.  I have not seen evidence of elves at the house, but maybe we don’t have a backyard ghost, but a particularly tall elf.

The Butcher told us yesterday that, often, when he’s out in the hammock, the wild turkeys walk right by him, like just ten or twenty feet from him.  I am now begging him to carry the camera with him to the hammock all the time.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER:  The wild turkeys in Whites Creek are so wild that they spew acidic spit that burns your flesh and we have to wear chemical suits just to hang out in the back yard.  Don’t move here.


So, the neighbors to the south told us that there are tons of blackberries in the pasture behind us, tons.  And the little gate in their backyard–unlike the little gate in our back yard–still works, so they go back there in the summer and pick blackberries.

And, they said that we have a blackberry bush, right to the right as your coming over the bridge from their house.

Oops.  Because Mom and I pruned the shit out of that brambly mess last fall not realizing what it was.  I hope it comes back.