Another Thing to Put on the To-Do List: Elf Census

I find this story from Slate so charming I just about can’t even tell you.  I have not seen evidence of elves at the house, but maybe we don’t have a backyard ghost, but a particularly tall elf.

The Butcher told us yesterday that, often, when he’s out in the hammock, the wild turkeys walk right by him, like just ten or twenty feet from him.  I am now begging him to carry the camera with him to the hammock all the time.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER:  The wild turkeys in Whites Creek are so wild that they spew acidic spit that burns your flesh and we have to wear chemical suits just to hang out in the back yard.  Don’t move here.

5 thoughts on “Another Thing to Put on the To-Do List: Elf Census

  1. Elfs hell, SS tats are the subject of the month it seems. Just joking of course. My old Cherokee mother tells stories of Cherokee myths about little people who live out in the wilds of Western North Carolina. But t hey aren’t nice.

  2. You know, I hope Coble stops by because she might be able to shine some light on this, but it doesn’t surprise me that elves aren’t nice in NC. The elves in Iceland aren’t always nice. In fact, I can’t think of any culture in which the “hidden people” were all nice. Most of them are pretty dangerous; that’s why you work so hard to make nice with them. Who wants to be on their bad side?

    But in less Christianized parts of Europe (and the North Atlantic islands), the chances of elves being helpful seem higher. I think it’s interesting that the clearly pagan belief in elves is so strong that it persists even this late into Christianity in parts of the country that are so strongly Christian. And it’s interesting to me to see that the knowledge that a belief in elves is hostile to Christianity is twisted into a belief that elves are always and only hostile to Christians.

    I don’t know what to make of that but it’s interesting.

    Or, you know, maybe you mountain folks just can’t get along with your neighbors, regular or elf…. Ha. I tease.

  3. Sometimes the turkeys make their way day the road. Somewhere in my flickr stream is a picture of a turkey walking along my street. Freaked me out. There is more wildlife in West Nashville than all of West Tennessee. I think you can guess why.

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