So, the neighbors to the south told us that there are tons of blackberries in the pasture behind us, tons.  And the little gate in their backyard–unlike the little gate in our back yard–still works, so they go back there in the summer and pick blackberries.

And, they said that we have a blackberry bush, right to the right as your coming over the bridge from their house.

Oops.  Because Mom and I pruned the shit out of that brambly mess last fall not realizing what it was.  I hope it comes back.

7 thoughts on “Blackberries

  1. yeah, they’ll come back.

    I LOVE blackberries and we have plenty (though far, far, far more rasberries) on our property. I keep asking TheBoyfriend™ if there’s anything can do to pretty them up because there’s certainly nothing attractive about them, but I wouldn’t dare try to get rid of them as I love picking them when the time comes.

  2. We pick tons of wild strawberries and blackberries off our farm in North Carolina. We even have a paw paw tree, but you can only eat those for a few weeks before they turn to rot.

  3. Oh and Morel mushrooms grow wild. We also have ramps (wild garlic), wild onions, watercress, and ginseng.

  4. Brambles of all sorts are well nigh indestructible, and grow fast to boot. You’ll have yummy berries in no time.

    Also, I think I might be able to brave the fire-spewing turkeys and zombie hordes and eeeeevil trees of doom, if there’s as much cool stuff growing out there as you say! Just as soon as I find me that teleporter…

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