Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Finally, I slept well last night.  Since I’ve been sick, I’ve been sleeping like shit, but last night I slept like a dream.  And I dreamed I was on Dirty Jobs.  And it was my job to hug Mike Rowe and feel his muscles.  Well, obviously, that wasn’t my job.  I was supposed to be showing him how to do some dirty job or another, but that’s what I was doing.

I swear, I don’t understand why people don’t just invent dirty jobs for the sake of having him show up.

Shoot, I tell you what, I’ve got half a mind to call him the next time the tiny cat pulls all her butt hair out and have him help me grease her up.  That’s a job no one wants.

11 thoughts on “Sleep, Glorious Sleep

  1. I feel the same way about Mike Rowe — *swoon*

    It’s a lot more than the muscles though… it’s THE VOICE.
    I watched this the other night:

    Not only does he have that lovely voice, he makes a damn good speech and a damn good point.

    And should he show up at your house to grease the cat, you can bet your ass I’ll be there to stalk him.

    (The missus is right, shirt removal is key to greasing the cat)

  2. He is the whole package the voice, the body, the quick wit. Did you guys see the episode where he got into the mud bath?

  3. The mud bath episode and the episode at the tar pits where that girl has to scrub him down are the two best episodes ever. I swear, it’s like football, in that if heterosexual men ever really understood why the people who are attracted to men watch it, it would be rated TV-MA.

  4. He spoke at the Tech Conference my company puts on… sadly I was unable to make it. There are tons of pictures of my coworkers with him, though ^_^

  5. Not only the voice and the looks, it’s the sense of humor.

    Put him and Adam Savage together and you’d have one hell of a sandwich.

  6. Did you see the one where he’s helping plug up old mineshafts in California and they get on a riff about philosophy?! TOO HOT.

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