E. Tennesseensis–“Very Promiscuous”

Oh my god, y’all.  I cannot even tell you how stupid my day was.  I could not find the car inspection place on Gallatin Road to save my life and, after an hour, I just gave up and drove down to the one on Craighead.  Then I went out to the Secretary of State’s place in Metro Center and it took me 20 minutes to park, but there wasn’t anyone inside, which was weird.  And I saw Ms. Barksdale again!!!

And then I had to go get the Butcher out in Jordonia, but he needed lunch so we had to go back to Metro Center, and then clear out to Fairview.  Then I went to go get groceries but the little grocery store was out of every fucking thing I needed, so I just got like three things and came home and so here I am.

Blah.  Anyway, the folks out in Fairview were great and funny.  The woman who took my money wanted to be sure I understood that, if there were any coneflowers within a bee’s flight, my e. tennesseensis would cross-breed with them.  “They’re a little slutty,” she said.  “I mean, they’re very promiscuous.”  She corrected herself.

Oh dear god, I’m now even more excited.  Slutty flowers.

Ha ha ha ha.

No wonder people love gardening.

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