Name that Tune

It’s just after midnight and I’m running the dog outside one last time before bed and there’s this noise.  At first, it sounds kind of like a howling dog, off in the distance maybe in the pasture, but none of the dogs in the neighborhood respond to it, which is just physically impossible.  So, that’s when I was like, what is that?

And then it made this noise like… almost like short horse whinies, but one right after the other.

So, it was like “AAAAAaaaaaaaaa whe whe whe whe whe whe aahhhrraaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

I’m trying to listen to coyote howls on YouTube to decide if that’s what it was, but someone who could not be bothered to bark last night at the noise has no problem sitting in my room and growling and barking low and warning at the noise from the computer, which is cracking me up.

Anyway, this is kind of what I heard and, if you play it, will make Mrs. Wigglebottom bark the loudest.

8 thoughts on “Name that Tune

  1. …which reminds me that our shared object of Irish affection, Denis Leary, did a brilliant take on “The Immigrant Song” years ago.

    I looked for video, but can’t find. Damn you internets!

  2. that game on some late night talk show – can’t remember is it was Leno or Letterman or someone else – always cracked me up: “Plant or Animal?” they’d play a sound and you had to guess if it was an animal or Robert Plant singing.

  3. “Plant or Animal”?! Are you kidding? That is awesome. We should totally have a game like that here at Tiny Cat Pants. You know, when this becomes a multi-media extravaganza.

    Y’all crack me up.

  4. When my daughter moved to the Texas Hill Country, the sound really freaked her out. She’d never heard it before.

    She also found stuff like half-eaten ducks, and the haunch of a small deer. (And she realized she shouldn’t let her spoiled, fat house-cat out at nights, which could never outrun a coyote.)

  5. I played this for Percy, and though she didn’t growl, her ears perked up really high and she stared at me like, “What the hell is that?!”

  6. I played it for my dog and he didn’t respond at all. There’s a Siberian Husky website with woo-wooing that really gets him going though.

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