7 thoughts on “tipsy18

  1. BTW, if you want to thin those out, be aware that tiny, tender pea shoots are one of the most delicious greens a person can eat.

  2. I don’t know. I don’t even know whether you do want to thin them out. What did the package the seeds came in say about it?

  3. Every package of everything I’ve got says “plant 1/4 inch deep, thin to space 12 inches apart.” So, really, it’s no help.

  4. No, that is a help. It tells you that you will need to thin those, because they are way closer than a foot apart. So, let them put out a bit more shoot, to see which are healthiest (those are the ones you won’t want to thin out, of course), and pick the others. Use them for salad or cook them quickly and serve them with maybe a touch of oil and garlic.

  5. Baby green veggie sprouts in general are delicious. Cabbage thinnings practically melt when you stir-fry them, they are so delicate.

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