Yes, I Did Get a Little Weepy

I was all “Whatever shall I do for my huge ass tomato plants?” and then I thought “Well maybe there’s something in the greenhouse.”  And I went out there and there are pots of all kinds of sizes everywhere, scattered on the ground.

It was like my yard gave me a present.

I also told my neighbor that I’m going to hook her up with some flowers, because her talk about how drab their yard is made me sad and I have more than enough to share.

I also have the itchy heebie jeebies after being out in the greenhouse, so I hope I didn’t get bit by anything.

So Long, Test

I’ve been bummed for days to learn of Andrew Martin’s death.  I wish I had something insightful to say about it, but I really don’t.  I loved watching all those guys–Eddie, Chris, Owen, Davey Boy, Crash, Bam Bam, and so on–and it just doesn’t seem like that long ago we were going down to the Gaylord… excuse me, the Sommet Center and sitting in the audience.  I know I’ve told you about this, how I was seeing an amateur professional wrestler, who ended up being married, and how I had to dodge his wife in Wendy’s one terrible lunch?

It really doesn’t seem that long ago, but the infant in her arms would be nine now.

It just has me thinking about how everything eventually ends up being a long time ago and not quite what you thought it was.

My God Demands Your Suffering as a Sacrifice and Other Random Things

–The tiny cat is actually running around and playing with things behind the couch.  I just can’t tell you how much this tickles me.

–Can we all just agree that Lars Krutak is the thinking person’s Chris Pontius?

–Rachel has been named by Library Journal a “Mover and Shaker.”  And yet, I have heard nothing from Grouchy Recluse Journal.  God.  I’m so jealous.

–“See, it’s like this.  God says I have to be a giant asshole and oppress you or else he’s going to drop Tennessee into the ocean.  It could be worse, thought, you know.  God could say that I have to cut your still-beating heart from your body or burn you at the stake.  So, really, you understand.  My God demands sacrifices and must be appeased and the sacrifice He demands is your suffering and heartache.  That’s how you know He’s a loving God–because he’s not demanding your life.  Isn’t that awesome?  Don’t you just feel the love of Jesus Christ?  Don’t you want to be a Christian, too?”