Whew, That Was a Bad Idea!

I tried to transplant the seedlings into bigger pots.

I stopped, since it was more tearing of roots than moving of plants.

Holy shit, I don’t know what to do about that.

11 thoughts on “Whew, That Was a Bad Idea!

  1. Back when I was gardening, I would take the whole plant, roots and ball of dirt, out of the smaller pot and put it in the larger pot with more dirt under/around it. I didn’t bother trying to remove any dirt from the roots.

  2. Yeah, that’s what I was trying to do, but the dirt just tore the roots. It was a mess. I think they’re just going to have to live where they are until I can upturn the whole thing and gently shake them out.

  3. They’re more resilient than you think… give it a whirl on one or two and see how they do. Then proceed from there.

  4. I encounter this too. Do you have solution to this problem? I try spinning plant but small root tear. They turn out ok anyway so wish you well.

  5. Tomatoes are way more resliiant than you think. Pull them and as much dirt up as you can get, drop them into the new pots and bury a big chunk of the stem. More roots will come and the plant will be stronger.

  6. Just how big are these plants? Are they still itty bitty little seedlings or are they 6-8 inches tall?

    If they’ve only got a few sets of true leaves, then I would try to stick something under the roots for support (a spoon maybe) to keep the dirt from tearing them away.

    If they’re bigger, I’d do just what Jim says. I’d take off the lower sets of leaves. I have buried as much as 2/3 of the stem and the plants were completely delighted, despite my near-murderous neglect and clumsiness.

    I know you said you found pots, but for large plants that are waiting to go in the ground, I’ve used cut-off half gallon milk cartons and large yogurt container – poke a few holes in the bottom and they make very serviceable pots, even if they’re not especially pretty.

  7. They’re six to eight inches. I’m going to trust you guys, that they’ll do okay if I move them, even if we get some root tearing.

    My fingers are crossed.

  8. Oh, if they’re 6 to 8 inches, they’re plenty tough. They may sulk for a few days but new root growth begins very quickly, and they will be much happier in the end.

    Lots of parenting analogies are popping into my head, but I’ll spare you.

  9. What Beth and coyotecrossing said.

    There are a lot of roots…some tearing happens. In fact, if there are so many that the soil is tearing them they really need transplanting. They’re putting out that much root mass because they’re seeking more nourishment and water.

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