Aw, Pete, I Bet You Say That to All the Girls

Pete Kotz over at Pith describes me thusly: “Feminist, political saboteur and gardening enthusiast.”

I’m not exactly sure what a “political saboteur” is, but I like it.  It makes me feel like Alan Moore might someday make a comic book about me.  And then, knock on wood, denounce the eventual movie based on that comic book.

10 thoughts on “Aw, Pete, I Bet You Say That to All the Girls

  1. Well, since Alan Moore had pro forma denounced all movies made from his comic books, once he gets the Political Sabateur Graphic Novel written, you’ve won the whole war right there.

  2. Oh, you know how Hollywood is. By the time they get done with me, I’ll be fit for Jason Statham to play. Otherwise, the only fat chick who gets cast with any regularity is Queen Latifa, so maybe her. Not that I would mind being portrayed by someone as hot as her, I’m just saying…

    Or, my god, they’d probably have Keira Knightley gain 20 lbs, call her ‘fat’ and let her play me. And then she’ll do all the rounds talking about how much she had to eat to get into character.

    Gods. I can only hope they go the Jason Statham route, in that case.

  3. If it were a period piece, then it would be Keira Knightley.

    The contemporary choice would be Anne Hathaway in the memoir of the pitfalls of academic publishing and the passive-aggressive eunuchs who run it, “The Devil Wore Birkenstocks”.

  4. You could be played by that woman who hung around the nursing home in the Fried Green Tomatoes movie. Kathy Bates? Is that her name? Wonderful actress, but doesn’t get jobs because she doesn’t fit the Hollywood mold.

    By the way, saboteur is a compliment.

  5. Posts like the one about residency a bit further up the page are why you earned that title. I would absolutely classify that post as “political operations.” Someone’s (perhaps more than a few someones) sphincter got a bit tighter reading that I’m sure.

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