My Tomatoes are in God’s Hands Now

Okay, I have the tomatoes planted in new pots and they’re laying all over like “Oh, god, you’ve ruined everything.”  Like insolent teenagers.

I hope you guys are right that this is the right thing.

And I’ll be very excited if it works.

3 thoughts on “My Tomatoes are in God’s Hands Now

  1. Water them in fairly well. They need a good drink after transplanting. They’ll be kind of whiny for a little bit, then they will perk right up. Did you bury them down into the soil part of the way?

  2. Yep, you’ll be fine. The parenting analogies actually are true, and your adolescent ‘maters won’t sulk forever.

    Also, as a hopeful agnostic, I can assure you that if God exists, she’s definitely on the side of tomatoes.

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