The Tiny Cat’s Butt

I just have to state, for the record, that I feel like a complete and utter jackass.  Every year the tiny cat’s butt hair falls out and for the first few years of her life, I would dilligently take her in to the vet and he and I would ponder her butt and he would say “Otherwise, she’s in excellent health.  I think it’s just an allergy.  If you give me all of your money, I’ll run some tests.”  And I never had all of my money to give him, so I declined and we just waited for summer and it seemed to clear itself up.

Which was kind of sadly funny, since it meant that the tiny cat, who is quite furry, had no hair in the winter when she might need it and lots of hair in the summer when she didn’t.

But, citizens of Earth, just feeding her wet cat food once a day–a plan that costs me about $10 a month, which is $120 a year, which means, at this rate, it would take over a decade to cost me what the vet was quoting me to run tests–has been amazing.  Amazing.  Her sores are healing up.  Her fur is actually growing back!  She clearly feels great.

It’s so awesome I about can’t stand it.  But damn, I wish I’d tried that about seven years ago.

4 thoughts on “The Tiny Cat’s Butt

  1. Whether animal or human, we live in a society that is way too quick to try to drug treat a problem. It’s amazing what can be solved by something like a diet doctors, with all their training, would rather give you a pill for.

  2. I just love that “treatment” comes in the form of food that is considered bad for you. I wonder if I have a condition that can be treated with mega doses of ice cream…. hmmmm??

  3. btw, speaking of treating cats with diet. If yours ever gets an UTI, temporarily switch totally over to wet food mixed with cranberry extract and apple cider vinegar. It’ll solve the problem in 12-24 hours and costs less and is safer than the antibiotics the vet will prescribe.

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