An Open Letter to the Tennessee General Assembly in Regards to Donna Rowland

Dear State Legislators,

I don’t need a show of hands, but I want to ask: how many of you have never fucked someone you’re not married to?  Because I, as an outsider, hear all kinds of tales about what so-and-so did with this lobbyist or why so-and-so had to marry that intern or how so-and-so’s wife knows all about what he does when he comes to Nashville, but she puts up with it because he’s a good dad.  And it’s not like I go around hoping to hear gossip about state legislators.  It’s just that you morons are so indiscreet and this town isn’t nearly as large as you pretend it is.

And yet, it seems that you guys are given free reign to behave like your annual Nashville jaunt is an episode of “Tennessee Lawmakers Gone Wild.”  At least until some other scandal catches up with you.

I mention all this because I’m very, very uneasy, as a feminist, with the Official Panty Sniff you’re doing to Donna Rowland.  It reeks of hypocrisy, like it’s fine for you to behave in all kinds of lurid ways, but god forbid some female state legislator has a sex life.

It’s not your business that Donna Rowland has a boyfriend at whose house she spends the night sometimes.  If her neighbors see her at her house and if there’s furniture there and if she’s in there turning the lights on and off regularly and if she’s paying her mortgage or rent, it starts to feel a little purient that y’all are now going to sit down and try to pass judgement about where Rowland “lives,” since that will, in part, be based on how many nights she spends at her boyfriend’s house.

I just cannot believe that y’all want to set a precident that there should be investigations into who’s sleeping where, with whom, and for how long.

But, hey, if that is the direction you’re going in, can we have those hearings in public, because the word on the street is that some of you are up to some really interesting stuff, and I am, at heart, too nosey for my own good.

Aunt B.

20 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Tennessee General Assembly in Regards to Donna Rowland

  1. The problem is not her sex life, even though she has made a career of critizing other people’s sex life including her last female opponent. The problem is some one filed a complaint about her residency and the legisature by law has to deal with it one way or the other. The fact the poster child of the Christian Right, left her husband raised her hem lines got a bood job and is living in sin with her gun dealer boy friend has nothing to do with it.

  2. Listen, ouch, if you’re going to comment here, you can’t just expect that kind of bullshit to fly. You can’t say that it’s not about Rowland’s sex life in your opening sentence and then slut-shame her in your last. Who the fuck cares if she’s “living in sin” with her gun dealer boyfriend?

    The issue is–does she live where she claims she does? That question can be answered without all the speculation about where she lives if she doesn’t live there and what she does while away from home.

    I say good for her if she’s found a happy life. Gun nuts make me nervous for a lot of reasons, but damn, they’re usually good in bed. So, more power to her.

  3. Yeah, and it’s a bitch that, in this state, is more heavily unleashed on women.

    I don’t see why this is so hard. Rowland is a hypocrite and kind of scummy. So what? I still don’t want to see her treated any differently than any other state legislator.

    How many different households did John Ford have set up? And where any of them in his district?

    So what’s the double standard for Rowland?

    I don’t like it.

    Let me repeat. The question is whether she lives where she claims to live, not what she’s doing when she’s not there.

  4. God, I can’t believe this is somehow up for discussion. Like it’s okay to slut shame her if we can prove she really deserves it.

    No woman in this state deserves to have the State Legislature poking around in her bedroom. Not even my ideological opposites.

  5. There are some ways I wish that Democrats would be as ruthless as Republicans. This ain’t one of them, B.
    I think we should all respect the representative more if she’s openly living life on her own terms instead of publicly kowtowing to the Religious Right. I don’t care what party she’s in. If the Dems and their voters want to throw stones, they ought to stick to policy issues and stay away from personal lives.

  6. Genuine karma (the kind Hindus believe in, in which one learns how to overcome past mistakes, not the kind that people confuse with payback, and claim is a bitch) might look something like Rowland learning from all of this that she’s been wrong to stick her nose into other people’s private lives, and starting to take different political positions because of it.

  7. The problem is that Rowland is way too busy throwing stones! Shes flaunting herself at the mboro society- which is wrong!

    She is checked out! A worthless piece of sludge left over from the republican wastelands

    Rowland isnt learning this behavior– this is part of her personality. Ruining lives of inocent people just to get what she wants! Immoral!

  8. Okay, now. I love the ‘Boro as much as the next person, but let’s be honest. Y’all do not have a “society” for anyone to flaunt themselves at.

  9. Society night at the PIG Aunt B. You should try it on Wednesdays. Draws quiet the political crowd. One as drunk as the other.

  10. I don’t know anything about the ‘Boro, seeing as I’m clear across the country. But, I love a good typo to change sentence meaning. The image of a quiet, drunk, political crowd during society night at a place called the PIG makes me think the resident politics are subdued and not worth discussion, or are seething and ready to boil. Either way, it’s an interesting image in my head right now.

  11. I presume the commenter is referring to the Bunganut Pig over off Northfield and not Slick Pig over on East Main. That’s two whole different Murfreesboro societies right there. I much prefer the latter society, although I also prefer another BBQ place.

    And re: Y’all do not have a “society” for anyone to flaunt themselves at
    , may I just note that the “society” are usually the ones doing the flaunting. A fun game for some of us used to be connect-the-paramours in the Sunday society pages, but then we quit because it just seemed too meta to be judging people on Sunday.

    Add me to the “hey, if she’s learned not to judge others, who am I to complain” file. Otherwise, I’ll start selling tickets to those hearings and get the exxxxclusive YouTube rights, because … man. Whew. There’s folks up there still doing stuff (and folks) who were doing stuff (and folks) when I was around the Hill. The folks they’re doing are just younger now.

  12. [tentatively raises hand]

    Um, it’s not about sex. It’s about residency. And it’s not about whom she sleeps with. It’s about where she sleeps.

    As for the rest of it, it is a bit ironic that we have Brian Kelsey making spurious claims about Kent Williams, Robin Smith calling for his ouster, and Susan Lynn going to the hospital. Meanwhile, Donna Rowland is up to who knows what. I really don’t care, personally, but the hypocrisy does get a little old sometimes.

  13. No, technically, it’s about where she’s not sleeping. There’s no need to investigate where she is when she’s not home. They just need to discover if she is at home as much as one might need to be at home in order to live there. Though what the standard for living someplace other than your known house is seems to me to be unclear.

  14. Residency is such a stupid trope anyway. Gerrymandering has left many districts unwinnable for one Party or the other that it’s a fairly common occurrence for someone to have just moved into a district a few months before they run for a seat. Candidates try to nail each other with it all the time and it almost never sticks.

  15. “Candidates try to nail each other with it all the time and it almost never sticks.”

    I’m assuming that’s a witty pun.

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