Things I Noticed This Morning

–If you get your Comcast bill electronically and your Comcast is out, it is impossible to find their number to call and tell them.  I can’t decide if that’s annoying or brilliant on their part or both.

–I have bugs in my compost pile!  I was wondering how that stuff was going to transform from “pile of dead shit” to “wonderful stuff for your garden” and the arrival of bugs has shown me the way.

–In order of frequency of appearance in the Joelton Flyer, God is concerned about you, real estate, rich people who do right, and the Cherokee, who we ran off this land, but to whom we still look for wisdom.  Or attribute wisdom to.  You know, we can say they say whatever we want them to say because who’s left to complain?  I don’t know.

–I’m getting a lilac!  One of my friends is bringing me by a little bit of hers and I’m going to see if it won’t grow in my yard.  I hope so.  God, I love lilacs.

18 thoughts on “Things I Noticed This Morning

  1. Worms are wonderful composters. We have a worm composting bin on our back porch.

    But you need neither bugs or worms to compost. It’s the microorganisms that do the work in a traditional compost pile. As long as you make sure to stir it up and let oxygen get through out it regularly, the little guys you can’t see will be happy to keep munching away at it.

  2. Scott, do no make me submit an ad to the Flyer talking about how much you’re on God’s mind. Because you know I will. Ha.

    Sure, sure, Dolphin. I don’t believe in things I can’t see with my own eyes. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  3. Ha, for a second there I thought you meant the number to the Joelton Flyer, which was just about to make the Joelton Flyer the most interesting thing in the world to me.

  4. heh, yeah 244-5900, or 1-800-comcast.

    Kat, if you’re service is that bad I might be able to give you an idea as to how to get it fixed. I used to work for them as both a tech (in the field) and an advanced tech (in dispatch). lemmie know ;p

  5. I find… and maybe this is just me… that when a woman calls a man’s phone at 6:30 in the morning, his wife will sometimes drive to her house and try to beat the shit out of her.

  6. what’s even worse is if it goes out and you have subscribed to their “triple play” this means “everything” goes out. no phone, no internet, no cable, so you must drive somewhere to use the phone. here in the south we all know that every time there is a big puff of wind everything is going out. i have comcast’s number written in permanent marker on the side of my monitor because i need it at least once a month, sometimes more. they are very good at coming out to fix it though I have to give them that.

  7. at 0630 i’m on my way to the one place in town that, if contacted by some method other than fiddling with a ouija board in the dark while ‘Everybody Hurts’ plays softly in the background, can actually fix your problem.

    polerin, do you have an excess of bumperstickers on the back of your car?

  8. Oh, no, now you’ve crossed a line, buster. I might be a lot of things, but a fan of mopey REM songs? Never!

    Fine, fine. Next time my cable goes out and I can’t find Comcast’s number, I’m totally imposing on you.

  9. heh, reading back I now get your joke about a number to contact an employee directly. I guess the list of people who can say they were those two things and have my politics and other .. distinguishing features is rather small XD

  10. C’mon, polerin. Let me bask in the glory of being the World’s Greatest Detective. . Don’t worry, your secret is safe.

    Hope you are doing well at your new gig.

  11. heh, ok, I’ll let you bask. Really there’s not much secret to me.. I’m pretty much so far out of the closet that they renovated it and turned it into a half bath.

    I’m still amused by your choice of “revealing question” though :D

    (for anyone who’s interested… This is the car in question.)

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