Listen Up, Indiana

Everyone in Illinois knows there’s no Pawnee in Indiana.  So, don’t let this Poehler show go to your heads.  Some of us know the truth.

(Interesting side note: Pawnee, Illinois was supposed to be Horse Creek, Illinois, but the postmaster thought the name was stupid and suggested “Pawnee” instead.  No actual Pawnee ever lived in Pawnee, or in Illinois at all, though I’m sure some of them have stopped to go to the bathroom at the truckstop there off I-55 while on their way to see the Lincoln sites in Springfield.  Another interesting side note: When we traveled to Pawnee to see my Dad’s new church, the Butcher, who was nine or ten, saw the watertower and shouted out, “Oh no!  We’re moving to Peewee?!”  We still tease him about that.)

5 thoughts on “Listen Up, Indiana

  1. No, the Pawnee didn’t live in Illinois, but panis did. Panis is the general purpose word Francophonic metis used to describe slaves kidnapped from elsewhere (usually the Missouri River or Plains, but sometimes from the southeast) and sold to voyageurs who would transport and resell them to groups in Illinois and Indiana. I found a whole lot of panis when I was researching the 18th/early 19th c in Illinois and Indiana. It was pronounced exactly the same as Pawnee, leading some people to speculate that this was a label derived from a time when the farming sitting-duck Pawnee got raided a lot by the more mobile horse-adapters like the Lakota and the Comanche.

    He probably didn’t want to call it Horse Creek because there was a real badass settlement called Horse Cave where travelers were routinely jumped and murdered.

  2. Point of order…….. most of us have no idea that there’s no Pawnee in Indiana.

    I really enjoyed the show commercial with the clip about public hearings. “I hate the public, the public is stupid.”

  3. Tim and I feel awkward. It’s as though this team of producers has decided that the two most dully middle of the road places are Pennsylvania and Indiana.

    He’s from Pa and I’m from in.

  4. W., yes, but that’s why it’s so important that we folks from Illinois make sure Indiana knows that their soon-to-be-gotten fame comes at our expense; because the rest of the country won’t.

    Kat, my dad was, for the longest time, convinced that some writer on Tim Allen’s show knew his family, based on the names minor characters were given.

  5. Bridgett, that’s interesting. It’s sort of like the original Latin word for slave (servus) being replaced by “slavus/slave” by the 10th century because so many slaves were Slavs.

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