The Butcher is a Winner in Need of a Gameshow

So, the Butcher is finally back home after his stay in Jordonia.  And I’m glad, if only because it’s hard for me to justify making a big pot of chili like that if it’s just me to eat it.

And last night we were watching TV.  And when we watch TV together we are always watching at least two, but usually 3, things.  And we can do this because the Butcher either knows or can easily figure out the plot to anything on TV.

It’s like how we were talking the other day–it’s not that I’m brilliant; I’m just a good test-taker.  I can imagine what the test taker is thinking and the ways he or she might be keeping the correct answer apparent, but slightly hidden.

Well, the Butcher has that skill when it comes to television shows.  He can see a twist miles away.  And so each show becomes an effort to map the plot and then make sure that you return to it often enough to see if you’re right about it.

Anyway, last night he had Criminal Minds, Law & Order, and CSI: New York (a show he doesn’t even watch normally) all figured out before the half-hour mark.

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