“These be her very C’s, her U’s and her T’s and thus makes she her great P’s”

(Ha, I’m convinced they have kids read the shittiest Shakespeare to dissuade them from every getting to the fun stuff.  The real conspiracy is not whether Will was actually DeVere, but why we purposefully try to make kids hate him.)

I actually kind of like Britney Spears’ “If U Seek Amy” and am glad to have a history of great secret cussing.  That includes James Joyce!

10 thoughts on ““These be her very C’s, her U’s and her T’s and thus makes she her great P’s”

  1. I like the song to a certain extent, but the whole hide the F word in the album was a lame attention ploy when Van Hagar did it, and I think it’s just as lame for Britney.

    Glad to see her out of the straightjacket though…

  2. …i received a Tiny Cat Pants shirt this week. It was a highlight in my otherwise sickness-filled days.

    I have also started my garden.

    Methinks I have a crush on you, or something akin to that.

    (I just wanted to use “methinks” and “akin” in the same sentence, even though the sentiment in the archaic sentence is true.)

  3. Oh gosh. Now I’m blushing. I should actually start my The Joiners tribute band and then you guys could start a The Joiners tribute band tribute band and it would be hilarious. Or only I would think it was hilarious.

    But now I will be on the lookout for a person in a TCP t-shirt.

    Oh, Beth, I’d forgotten all about the Van Halen thing.

  4. Britney needs to give the writer’s royalties on that to the great Tidewater-area comedian, The Mad Hatter. He was singing, “If You See Kay, tell her that I love her …” back in the ’80s. I think Aerosmith owes him some money, too.

    My dad said he and his pals used to LIVE for senior English class so they could titter at all the double entendres that made their teacher blush. Surprisingly, he sincerely enjoyed Shakespeare’s plays, but he couldn’t admit that to his pals. Who had not so much brain as earwax, of course.

  5. It’s funny–Britney Spears became big (with “Baby One More Time” and those songs) when I was in middle school. I was in my punk/goth phase at the time and hated everything about her.

    So I’m surprised that now I’m digging not only “If U Seek Amy” but the whole “Circus” album. You know law school sucks when I find myself actively being nostalgic for middle school.

  6. Uh, the article B. linked to listed pretty much every iteration of “if you see whothefuckever” songs in existence.

    I guess we know who among us didn’t RTFA.

  7. I feel I must weigh in because I was taken by surprise at how much I enjoyed the entire Circus album… I thought I was just growing out of my “Pop music is sooooooo lame” phase, but then I had a friend burn me some older stuff… and you know, I just don’t like it as much.

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