I am Tickled

I bought the Butcher a raspberry bush and he is so excited.  He’s “preparing the right spot” for it right now, as we speak.  I hope he doesn’t mind that we won’t have berries until next year.

5 thoughts on “I am Tickled

  1. Hopefully you don’t have deer – or else you’re pretty much planting them a nice snack. My DW planted a raspberry bush a couple of years ago, and the deer browsed the thing to the ground.

  2. You are getting me excited about my coming summer with my mom. I’m going off to France for year to teach beginning in August and I’m going home this summer to plant a garden with my mom. I’ll get to spend two months with the old lady before taking off for Europe and I can’t wait.

  3. I don’t know much about raspberries, but my grandma had two rows of blackberries in the yard when I was growing up, and it took all both of them to make enough preserves to last the year.

  4. Raspberries spread, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone you know didn’t have extras you could dig and transplant. Because if you bought just one cane, you won’t be eating many raspberries, any year. Plant ’em in a row against a wire, or up near a fence, and discipline them. They like discipline.

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