I May Be Becoming the Crazy Daffodil Lady

9 thoughts on “I May Be Becoming the Crazy Daffodil Lady

  1. Do I count 5 or 6 different kinds of daffodils? Now, that’s the way to do it – they all have their own personalities. And I love how in your photos, they remind me of all those silly tourist pictures we all have…one person up close looking straight into the camera, with the Grand Canyon or Big Ben in the background.

  2. You should see what I haven’t posted… daffodils out the wazoo. Today it was trout lily… for some reason I love that flower.

  3. I think you should drop a note (with a link) to the White Flower Farm, where those daffodils came from, so they can see what they have wrought. Ain’t the variety just great? I never knew there were so many kinds of daffs.

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