An Open Letter to Lowe Finney, Who Sold Us Out

Dear Senator Finney,

Just tell me this.  The next time a 12 year old girl in Carroll, Gibson, or Madison Counties gets raped and impregnated by her step-dad, will you be willing to look her in the face and tell her she has to carry her rapist’s baby to term?  Or what about the mother of two in Carrol, Gibson, or Madison Counties who desperately wants another child, but is carrying an ectopic pregnancy?  Are you going to look her in the face and say you don’t think she has the right to abort that pregnancy, but needs to just let it run its course, even though it means certain fetal death and likely the loss of her ability to reproduce?  What about the man who is sitting in a doctor’s office listening to the doctor tell his pregnant wife the she needs to start cancer treatments immediately if there’s any hope of her living out the year?  Are you going to tell him that those treatments have to wait?  What about the mother who’s pregnant with triplets and the doctor says that she isn’t able to carry all three babies to term?  Do you feel like you have the right to say to her that it’s better for her to lose all three babies than to give one the best shot she can?

I mean, frankly, just who the hell do you think you are?  Would you like it if I drove over there and followed you around and found the worst, most terrible moments of your life and then encouraged my state senator to get involved with passing a constitutional amendment establishing that you don’t really have the right to make your own decision in that moment?  I bet not.

Listen, trumping a policy that establishes that women have no constitutional right to make our own difficult decisions and especially no right to make them without considering what you, a stranger, might think is best might win you votes.

But it is wrong.

And, frankly, I think you know it.

Which makes it worse.  If you aren’t going to stand up in front of your voters and say, “You know, I think abortion is wrong, but I’m not going to go to Nashville and let them pass laws that say I know better than you your personal business” then why are you a Democrat?  If you can’t have principled disagreement with your constituents, then you aren’t a leader.

I was going to dog on you for not bothering to submit one piece of legislation that would make ordinary women’s lives easier–nothing that helps us get the prenatal care we might need, that helps us get time off from work, that helps us afford to take kids to the doctor’s, that expands sex education in schools, etc.–that does anything to help women choose not to have abortions and to end up with kids in good homes.  But then I saw the chunk of legislation you did submit all aided to help prosecute child abusers and I am dumbfounded.

You know.

You know what shitty parents can do to a kid.  You want to protect kids from shitty parents who abuse them and their other parent and then try to claim “parental alienation syndrome” during the divorce.  You want to redefine “serious bodily injury” to include broken bones in kids 8 years old or younger.  In fact, you’re doing a ton to increase the severity of punishment for child abusers.

So, you know.

You know that some people should never bring a child into this world.  You know that they aren’t going to have a baby and then give it up for adoption.  You know that when a woman like that finds out she’s pregnant, if she carries that pregnancy to term, that kid is in for Hell on earth.

You know.

How do you reconcile that with your vote on SJR127?

The next time someone in your area kills their kid, are you going to look in the mirror and say that was a better outcome than if they’d just never had the kid to begin with?

Disappointedly yours,

Aunt B.

16 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Lowe Finney, Who Sold Us Out

  1. I am embarrassed to share a religion with Jeff.

    B, there is a slight chance I may be at an event where I could deliver this in person to Lowe on April 4. Would you like me to?

  2. As a Christian myself, a non-judgemental one at that (yes, we exist), I look at things this way: God (or whatever a person may call him) gave human’s a choice in what he considers right and wrong. Too bad we don’t allow each other to choose.

    Secondly, I’ve never had to make the difficult decision as to what to do with my body in this manner & I am thankful for that. I sure as hell won’t be telling anyone else how to handle their own personal business. I have my own front porch to sweep, so to speak.

  3. That was pretty funny, nm :)

    I presume that Jeff considers him a Christian, as do I. We are obviously getting TOTALLY different messages out of the whole thing – I walk away with the same impression that Beth does.

  4. Sweet ^_^ I have always wondered how ProLife politicians address domestic abuse and child abuse issues. Kudos for calling him out.

    I also wonder (though have not actively sought the answer) how staunch pro-lifers feel about the death penalty? cause my impression is that they (gross blanket statement here) are ok with killing criminals, but not with a woman’s right to choose what is best for her body.

    I always enjoy your posts on this topic, keep em coming ^_^

  5. Love thy neighbour.

    This is my commandment: That you love one another.

    Beloved, let us love one another. For love is of God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God for God is Love.

    Those all came from the Christian Bible. Normally I know better than to feed the trolls but I needed to say something and your failure to represent the cause of Christ is as good a springboard as any.


    In our zeal to save the not yet born, the youngest and frailest of humans we–the majority of the prolife church–have steamrolled the daughters, sisters, mothers and neighbours who find themselves in exquisite torment.

    “what? You think this Peace that surpasses understanding is for you? You expect to know Grace in the midst of your suffering? Sorry. You have sinned and must suffer. ”

    Jesus told the parable of the servant debtor. Retelling it in modern parlance it goes like this: A dude is about to have his house foreclosed and all his cars repossessed. He begs the bank to have mercy on him. The bank forgives his loan entirely, wiping out the millions in debt that he has. The next day while walking down the street the guy sees his buddy who owes him five bucks from lunch. He beats his buddy up and makes the guy pay him his five bucks.

    That’s what so much of the church has become. We are so arrogant that we forget the large debt we’ve been excused and instead behave in a petty and abusive manner toward others.

    I think abortion is a tragic choice. But I know that it is the child of other tragedies. Since I’ve beenrelieved of my own great debt I’m not going to become some goonsquad loan shark.

    Your job on this planet is to be an example of Grace, not a cautionary tale about sactimony.

  6. Can we just cut and paste Kat’s eloquent comment and hang a copy over our desks for easy reference? That just about covers what needs to be said.

  7. Look this is about him getting re-elected next year when you boil it down. All three counties in his district went for Lamar and McCain last fall. The GOP also held on too that state house seat in Gibson and Carroll counties that the democrats thought sure they were going to win. There’s also three conservative christian universities in his district that have a huge influence over that district. So he’s just doing what he thinks will get him re-elected next year. Thats all his actions were about.

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