Feel Good Friday Begs the Question

Why is it that, in my mind, Kid Rock can do no wrong and John Rich can do no right?  Are they not two sides of the same coin?

5 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday Begs the Question

  1. Ha, yeah. I’m the same way. I love Kid Rock and can’t stand the same shit out of Little Big Hat.

  2. And I don’t know why that is. I mean, I kind of do. Kid Rock reminds me so much of my Michigan cousins and my Michigan-born brother that it hurts my heart.

    But it still doesn’t explain to me why, if John Rich did the same things, I’d be sitting on the internet complaining about it.

    After all, he’s a minister’s kid and I know and love as many asshole minister kids as I do asshole Michiganders I’m related to.

    I think, for me, the thing is that Kid Rock seems to have an attitude of “What the fuck? Can you believe this shit is happening to me? Wow. Well, let’s take it all the way.” whereas Rich seems to have an attitude of “It’s about time this shit is happening to me.”

    But I don’t know.

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