Now, Let’s Have Some Rain

Y’all, I totally busted my hump gardening today.  I got bluebells, foxglove, and lupin all along the side of the house.  I put marigolds by the parsley, the peas, all the roses, and marigold seeds spread everywhere.  I have some sunflowers in one of the beds.  I pulled up all of the stuff in the front bed, all the dying bushes and the grass and then prepped the bed and planted it with perennial herbs–sage, lavender, some stuff I can’t remember, and rosemary.

Got it all done so that the sky can open up and do my watering for me.

So, storm, where are you?

Southern Bred

Nashville, have you been to this restaurant before?  It’s a meat and three on Trinity Lane right off Ellington and it is fabulous.  A meat and three sides is $9 and it’s a huge amount of food.  Huge.  And everyone is very nice and the food is fantastic.

The Butcher insisted we go there for lunch and now I’m insisting that you go there, if you get the chance.


Okay, gardeners, I was reading this post by Chris Clarke and it reminded me of my problems with marigolds.  As you may recall, I was stunned to learn that the mysterious and powerful calendula was, when I found it at Home Depot, just regular old marigolds.  But I went to Wikipedia and learned that regular old marigolds, in spite of what the package says, aren’t calendula, they are tagetes.  Seemingly, the only for sure calendula I have are the fancy marigolds I got to intersperce in my garden.

But I have a shit ton of tagetes that I have been planting everywhere thinking that a marigold was a marigold and that it works to keep away pests.

But now, I don’t know.  Is it only calendula which keeps away pests or is it tagetes too or ony tagetes or what?


We had to go to Hendersonville yesterday and it reminded me that I’m still not quite used to living up here.  Before, having to go to Hendersonville was like “Oh god, no, Hendersonville!  It’s so far away.”

So, when we had to go to Hendersonville yesterday, I was all “Ugh, Hendersonville, no!”

But, it’s really just right over there.  Very easy to get to and to find what you need.

So, I apology, Hendersonville, about always being a whiny baby about you.