“Cornell West Can’t Help You Now, Mos Def”

Mos Def on Bill Mauer is the most awesome thing I’ve seen all day, and I found a cool blue flower hidden in some crap in my yard, so that’s saying something.

7 thoughts on ““Cornell West Can’t Help You Now, Mos Def”

  1. I love Mos Def but I’m all kinds of fed up with maher. This presents a quandary. Do I watch for Mos Def? Can I watch Maher without ruining my tv by throwing salsa at it? Seriously, with the salsa I could imagine that it was his blood and chunks of brain.

  2. Well, it’s Mos Def, Salman Rushdie, and, after a while, Christopher Hitchens, and he holds his own. Especially when he notes that he’s stuck with a bunch of atheists (the thing that caused him to state that Cornell West couldn’t save him).

  3. Maher is marginally tolerable – but that scotch-swilling twit Hitchens is about to earn a full-on punch in his pasty puss.

  4. I used to admire Hitchens until the booze pickled his brain. Unintentionally hilarious. Yes.

    Maher…bah! But I’ll go check it out for Mos Def and because you said so.

  5. Mos Def really is the only reason to check it out. Especially for the moments when he turns to the camera and gives this look like “Can you believe this shit?!” I’m about to have a rule that I will only watch Maher when Mos Def is on.

  6. Televised punditry is getting harder and harder to watch.

    Not that print is all that much better.

    And don’t get me started on the fish-slapping dance that is arguing on the Internet.

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