We had to go to Hendersonville yesterday and it reminded me that I’m still not quite used to living up here.  Before, having to go to Hendersonville was like “Oh god, no, Hendersonville!  It’s so far away.”

So, when we had to go to Hendersonville yesterday, I was all “Ugh, Hendersonville, no!”

But, it’s really just right over there.  Very easy to get to and to find what you need.

So, I apology, Hendersonville, about always being a whiny baby about you.

3 thoughts on “Hendersonville

  1. i swore when i first moved to nashville that rivergate & hendersonville were practically kentucky it felt so far away. now i live 5 minutes from rivergate and work in hendersonville. so i’m having to adjust that too

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