Southern Bred

Nashville, have you been to this restaurant before?  It’s a meat and three on Trinity Lane right off Ellington and it is fabulous.  A meat and three sides is $9 and it’s a huge amount of food.  Huge.  And everyone is very nice and the food is fantastic.

The Butcher insisted we go there for lunch and now I’m insisting that you go there, if you get the chance.

5 thoughts on “Southern Bred

  1. You are seriously suggesting people get off Ellington PKWY at Trinity? Do you get a percentage of the take by the muggers?

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you that as I was way too tired to cook one night this weekend we took your recommendation and ate there. You’re right; it is good. Jim is welcome not to sully the dreadful neighborhood with his attitude; the staff at the restaurant seems so friendly it would be a shame to bum them out.

  3. And aren’t their tiny little rolls so cute?! Oh, so darling. Jim, yes, I do indeed get a cut from the muggers. You caught me. I lure you to Trinity lane and guys from the auto diesel college club you with their wrenches and then we split the take to buy chewing tobacco. It kind of sucks for me, because I don’t chew tobacco, but I didn’t think about that before I made the deal, so I just have to live with it now.

    Still, when I go to pick up my chewing tobacco, I get to eat at Southern Bred, so it’s worth it.

  4. I am laughing heartily at the thought of you and a bunch of miscreant NADC students, dressed in gray coveralls, fixing your steely glares on the next victim.

    But SouthernBred is totally awesome. I am sad other people will soon discover this and ruin it for me, but I hope they do well because they deserve it. New Orleans Corn Pudding in tiny little pastry shells? OMG, yes, please.

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