In Which I Almost Have to Shoot My Dog

So, Mrs. Wigglebottom and I went out to take pictures for your enjoyment.  This involved me taking pictures and her…

Oh my god… It makes me mad to remember it…

her running through all the places I planted yesterday and peeing on my roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the fuck?!

Anyway, if you want your chance to have a dog less devoted to making you have a stroke, Newscoma needs some help finding homes for hers.

And I have a chance for you to look at many pictures of the daffodils in my yard that did not bother to bloom this year.

6 thoughts on “In Which I Almost Have to Shoot My Dog

  1. Just a thought AuntB, but if any of those non-blooming daffs have broader… leaves(?) and rounder tips, they may be the late summer blooming “naked lady” lilies.

    Long time lurker and passionate gardener.

  2. Hmm. I don’t know. Well, shoot, if there’s a possibility that they aren’t daffodils, at least some of them, then I’ll be sure to wait until fall to do anything with them, just to give them a chance to have a whole year to do their thing.

  3. Well, I’ve got a bunch of surprise lilies (which I assume are the same thing as wylde’s ‘naked lady lilies’) at my place, and I’ve done a little closeup viewing of those pictures, and they look more like non-blooming daffodils to me. But I’d be glad to come out one day and take a look.

  4. After looking more closely at the pictures, I think nm is right about them being daffodils. But, you should get her to dig you up some of her surprise-magic-naked ladies. I think they’re so cool when they pop-up, seemingly out of nowhere, in late summer when nothing else much is blooming!

  5. OMG, wylde, do you know how hard it is to dig those things up? They are deeeep and drive themselves deeper. I promise, though, that the next time I do dig or separate them, B will get some.

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