Sunday Gardening

I’ll have pictures later on, but I thought we might talk about two things.

1.  Have I ever told you about our efforts to grow cactuses from seed?  Let me just say that they are about the opposite of tomatos in terms of ease of growing from seed.  But I think that we are finally having some luck, not just with the prickly pear, which are relatively new seeds, but with seeds that the Butcher has had for years and years (hmm…).  The interesting thing, though, about growing cactus from seed is that they grow so slowly that you really have an opportunity to see what’s going on.  Some seeds seem to sprout literally over night.  One day you have dirt and the next day you have a tiny seedling.  How did that happen?  But with cactus seeds, you can see how they slowly, slowly swell up and then kind of break open and send a tiny root down and stretch up.

I like it.

2.  And this probably has more to do with gardening than the first.  What plants do you just find easier to buy than to go through the hassle of growing from seed?  For me, this is always rosemary.  Is there a person alive who’s ever gotten rosemary to grow from seed?  If so, I don’t know them.  I have a bunch of lavender seeds that are in the perennial herb garden out front, but I also bought a lavender plant at Home Depot yesterday.  Funny enough, I ended up with two different varieties of lavender seeds and the plant I bought is a different variety than either of those two.  It’ll be interesting to see how those look.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Gardening

  1. You’re dead on about rosemary — screw growing it from seed. I also buy impatiens… I can never seem to get them to grow either, and it seems like so much hassle when they’re so relatively cheap.

  2. How interested are you in cactus? We’re taking off for an AZ-KS-MS-NC roadtrip today. On our way back we’ll drive through Nashville, probably. I could drop of some agave pups (not cactus) and a santa rita prickly pear pad or two. They wouldn’t be cold hardy, so you’d want to take them in during frosty or freezing temperatures. Let me know, we’ll leave in a couple of hours.

  3. cool. send me an email how to find you and I’ll drop them by. This is a long road trip, so it will be in appx 2 weeks.

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