Stuff to Consider

1.  I was briefly fooled by this.

2.  Oh, TNDP, if you’re going to do charming, hilarious stuff like this, I might have to love you a little bit.

3.  All these old white guys look the same to me.  Except Jefferson does look kind of hot.  Coble, I should warn you specifically that there is naked Lincoln.  (Um, if the reference to “naked Lincoln” didn’t tip you off, this is not safe for work, unless you work at an art museum.  In which case, enjoy!)

4.  Have y’all seen what’s going on at the University of New Mexico Press?!  Here’s the press release.  For those of you who think “Yeah, that sucks, but so?” let me point out to you that said press release was written by someone at the Press!!!!! Who just accused his or her boss of mis-spending thousands of dollars, among other things.

5.  Maybe I’m getting soft on Christians in my old age, but something about reading that both Fieldy and Head have found God makes me happy.  Yes, it’s annoying, too, but it’s annoying in that way that makes you feel even a little charmed by Pat Fucking Robertson–“‘So I did drugs and I talked to Jesus.’ Robertson (chuckling, curious): ‘What did he say?'”  I kind of hope it was “Welcome, friend.”

Aw, damn it, Korn.  You’re breaking my heart here.

11 thoughts on “Stuff to Consider

  1. Head found God a bit back. Quit the band and their last album didn’t have him on it, iirc. He released a solo album that was, err, not good.

  2. Yeah, it sucked pretty bad. That’s kind of the “God Curse” of rock, though, isn’t it? Who makes good rock music once they find God?

    I have always had a soft spot for Fieldy, though, so I hope this brings him some peace.

  3. Don’t make me fight you, smartass. Ha.

    I just totally got schooled by a gun nut! I about can’t stand it.

    Fine. You’re right.


  4. God, once the libertarians who hang around here see this, I’m never living it down. They’ll probably hoist you on their shoulders and parade you around. Just be sure they set you down before they start firing their guns in the air in celebration.

  5. All through breakfast, John. All through breakfast.

    Kat, I was dying! It just goes to show that, no matter how specific your fetish is, there’s someone on the internet who can meet your needs.

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