The Spiral of Gardening

It’s like the circle of life, but… um… a spiral of gardening.  Well, let’s just roll with it.  On my way home from work I stopped by Beth’s and acquired wisteria seeds, moonflower seeds, and angel trumpet.  I came home, scooped up the seeds I had for the neighbors and trotted them over to them.

Get some, give some, I guess is the gardening point I’m trying to make.

Anyway, Beth’s garden is already amazing, with stuff coming up everywhere.

8 thoughts on “The Spiral of Gardening

  1. ding ding ding – that’s EXACTLY what I’m all about. And not only with gardening. It’s a good metaphor for life and how to live it. Do a little here, get a little there. Give some good, and you get some good in return eventually – although we shouldn’t expect a return, a return usually comes from somewhere.

    And my garden/flowerbeds — Aw shucks, thanks!

  2. I tried to grow moonflowers from seed, but the growing season was too short here and they never flowered :(

    I hope you can get them growing! I would love to see pics! (also I am excited for your discovery of Lilacs – they are so pretty and smell goody!)

  3. Moonflower! My favourite!!!!

    A bed combining moonflower and morning glory will have blossoms most of the day.

  4. Kat, when Beth said moonflower, I was expecting a morning glory that blooms in the afternoon. But this is not that at all. It’s datura. Beth hadn’t ever hears of a moonflower like a sunflower and I certainly had never heard of a moonflower that isn’t a vine. What she’s calling a moonflower, I think is what I’d call jimson weed or a thorn apple.

    As for what I’m calling a moonflower, I thought, well, shoot, maybe they just don’t have them in Mississippi, but I went to Wikipedia and they say that one of the roots of the moonflower is what gets dried into High John the Conqueror. So, I’ll have to ask her, but she probably knows it as bindweed or jalap.

    And now I must figure out how to get that into my garden.

  5. When I read the title, I thought you were talking about these. Shhh!! Don’t tell TheBoyfriend&tradel that I actually do, somewhat, pay attention when he talks about permaculture.

  6. Yes, when I say ‘moonflower’ I am speaking of a morning glory type of vine with large white flowers blooming toward afternoon. The blooms are also similar to the species of Datura known cooliquially as ‘angel trumpet’. I have heard of some folks calling the datura a ‘moonflower bush’.

    Both plants have toxic seedlings, and both are ‘witches weeds’. So they’re easily confused. I prefer the vining moonflower (nightshade) because I prefer vining plants.

  7. OK, gardening update – I just planted my moonflower & hollyhock seed. Then I planted 2 angel trumpets in the ground and 1 in a pot. I did this b/c my neighbor’s gardening guy said to start them out in pots. We shall see how this goes.

    I’m still undecided as to where I’m going to put my Moulin Rouge Sunflowers. I may have to dig a bed near where I put the hollyhocks & angel trumpets – side of the property – as this is the sunniest spot, out of the way of the lawnmower… Decisions, decisions…

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