I’m Not One To Go Around Spreading Rumors

But I finally caught last week’s episode of Dollhouse and I just wonder if anyone else wondered if the brilliant, strikingly handsome, college student named Sam who seemed to believe in a giant conspiracy to kill his friend wasn’t based on the Sam we know?

4 thoughts on “I’m Not One To Go Around Spreading Rumors

  1. Do you get the Rural Network (I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s way up in the numbers in Comcast)? They occasionally do HeeHaw reruns and I am transfixed by them. I cannot tell you how much I wish we had something like that now. Come on, play a little music, poke a little fun at yourself, laugh and we’ll all sing along. I am cheated out of seeing Jack White on HeeHaw! And I resent it every day.

  2. RFD TV. They have Crook & Chase and Marty Stuart’s show on there, too. New ones, I mean, not reruns.

  3. Thanks, B. But if Joss Whedon is putting me in one of his shows, I’d be pissed if I weren’t cooped up in a tight spacecraft with Gina Torres or Christina Hendricks.

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