Gardening Question

Okay, so on your advice, we bought creeping phlox to put on the creek bank.  The question is–do we have to remove all of the grass from the slope or can we weed eat it short and slowly let the phlox crowd it out?

Also, is there anything that smells as surprisingly wonderful as lilac?  Magnolia, maybe.

9 thoughts on “Gardening Question

  1. Yes, honeysuckle.

    When your wisteria comes in let me know what you think of the smell.

    As pretty as it is I think it smells like root beer.

  2. I am partial to the smell of Lily of the Valley myself :)

    I think it smells as good if not better than Lilacs

  3. Just don’t plant a Bradford Pear. Beautiful trees but once every 3 (?) years they produce this putrid odor when they bloom. and they are EVERYWHERE here.

  4. Personally, I rather dislike lilacs. The smell of lilacs anyway. It’s too heavy and overpowering.

  5. Don’t think that I didn’t notice that none of you provided me guidance on my phlox question.

    Ha, ha, ha. Maybe you were kindly assuming I was kidding.

  6. sorry I’m not helpful re: phlox but I know nothing about it. It was here when I arrived. It’s low maintenance though… I like that.

  7. You can weed eat the grass and the phlox will crowd it out. It may take some time, tho.

    Smell? Peonies. But they’re only pretty for about a week.

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