John Rich Outrage Chart

I just want to state up front that I sense in the air that some day John Rich and Stacey Campfield will get together and… I don’t know what.  Maybe just have a beer.  It doesn’t matter, because on that day I will spend  my whole day, for reasons unknown to me, with a grimace on my face, clenching my fist, and shaking it at the world.

Please see the artist’s rendering below so that you will know what to watch out for (and please don’t injure yourself reaching for the screen when you are fooled by it’s awesome resemblace to real life).


But until that day, I bring you the John Rich Outrage Chart.

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26 thoughts on “John Rich Outrage Chart

  1. Yeah, heaven knows that, if my choice was “naked John Rich or boring night in front of the television,” even I would choose “naked John Rich.” But if my choice were “naked John Rich or pile of cute puppies”? I’m probably getting out of bed.

  2. And even if that is not the case, it is creepy as hell when they stand around watching you get your groove on. Why doesn’t Campfield work on a law outlawing that? “Dogs and cats must be removed from the room before sex.” I could get on-board with that.

  3. Or the puppies NBC is going to require all of the contestants on Nashville Star to carry with them to all of their publicity events!

  4. Hmm. If I follow the chart, I’d have to guess “very” but I’m thinking that she probably doesn’t bug him. Unless she’s carrying a dog.

  5. I wish you’d do your own chart – the Aunt B outrage chart. Of course, Campfield and Rich would run neck and neck.

  6. But, B, Paris Hilton made a TV commercial mocking John McCain, and she carries a dog around. How could she not outrage John Rich?

    Beth, good idea.

  7. I can no longer completely write off John Rich. Not when he has a new video with that much SEXAYYY in it.

    Seriously. What I wouldn’t give for carnal knwledge of Kris Kristifferson…

  8. So, Kat, you think that the ethical and social ramifications of Rich’s (alleged) assholiness can be dismissed as trivial because he’s got a hot friend? That’s kind of sexist of you.

  9. Yeah. It is. I don’t know how KK doesn’t implode from being in the same room as Rich, frankly. They’re oil and water.

  10. Reportedly, Kristofferson thought it was a good song. He’ll overlook an enormous amount on that account. And I will say this: when Kristofferson was artist-in-residence at the Hall of Fame, and did two packed shows in which he performed about every song he’s ever recorded, John Rich was there. And he winced at songs like “Sandinista,” but he applauded right along with everyone else, and didn’t make a fuss. (Which makes him very unlike a certain other country songwriter/performer, according to today’s Tennessean.) So maybe it goes both ways.

  11. Your picture has cracked me up. I’ve been back twice just to look at it again.
    My liberal puppies will bite John Rich’s ass for pleasure. They do mine so I’m assuming they will do the same thing for him.
    But, it won’t be with puppy love, only pain. :)

  12. I know very little about the inside workings of Country Music. I know which songs I like, which ones I don’t and that Mama Judd is not to be trusted because she’s a deceptive polecat.

    Saying all that I will say that I actually like John Rich for speaking his mind when he feels like it. That’s a libertarian trait I admire whenever it crops up. On the other hand, I admire him also for respecting a serious talent he disagrees with. That’s kind of mature.

    Then again, since I don’t follow that part of our world, most of what I know about John Rich comes from reading this blog.

  13. When combined, the words “John” and “Rich” make my blood boil.

    During Earth Hour my mom and I were driving around (not exactly environmentally friendly), and she wanted to check out the lack of lights from Love Circle – I voted it down just because I didn’t want to be near that damn house.

  14. Slightly OT, but… have you ever considered putting some of your artist’s renderings on stuff in the Tiny Cat Pants store?

    That could be interesting.

  15. OMG, that art on t-shirts … I mean, I could have my own blog exclusively concerning conversations that take place with strangers and friends while I am wearing a TCP shirt. (The most recent entry would be about a terribly awkward moment with the TSA in Austin.) I can only imagine what would transpire with B’s basic PC drawing software renderings of herself.

  16. “…and that Mama Judd is not to be trusted because she’s a deceptive polecat.”

    I will not read anything better than that for at least a week.

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