…You Might Be an Evil Jackass

If you can’t even wait until the names of the dead have been released after a grave tragedy before you’re yammering on about how your legislation might prevent similar tragedies… If you can’t even wait until the dead are in the ground before you start speaking for them in order to make your political points…

Tennessee, what do you even say in the face of that?

This asshole wants to legislate morality to us and he doesn’t even have the decency to wait 24 hours before turning other peoples’ tragedies into fodder for his political aspirations?

I’m done.  I’m done reading him.  I’m done writing about him.  I don’t want to hear his name mentioned.  I don’t want to see his name here.

I hear about Democratic politicians who don’t want to be referred to as Democrats.  Why?  Because you’d rather throw in with the likes of this guy?  And you can sleep at night knowing that you want to throw in with the likes of this guy?

At what point do politicians in this state ever look in the mirror and do some soul searching?

Our only hope now is that at least, in the writing of that stuff, he’s clearly admitted to being a Yankee.  If being an evil slumlord jackass who exploits others’ tragedies won’t get him unelected, maybe that will.

3 thoughts on “…You Might Be an Evil Jackass

  1. But I can understand that you’re done.To be clear, my first comment was meant to be a compliment not a challenge.

  2. It surprises me that someone so pervasively anti-immigration in his orientation gives a rat’s ass one way or the other that immigrants got gunned down. He must be completely morally disconnected. What does he think that the 287(g) program that he thinks so highly of does, exactly? It returns people who fled violent and impoverished failed states to the sites of their misery so that they can die good and slow.

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