Because Who Doesn’t Love a Little Silliness?

Y’all asked and I provide.  Here’s the thing.  When I do the drawings of me, I do them in Paint and with my right hand and at the size I need them to be to fit this space.  So, I couldn’t blow up the John Rich outrage picture and put it large on the front of a t-shirt because it was only three inches wide to begin with.  And I can barely draw with my right hand and a mouse; I cannot draw with my right hand and a mouse pad.

But I did put it small on a cheap t-shirt and a magnet so that those of you who feel like it can have it if you want it.

The magnet is, in my opinion, hilarious.  You can use it to put anything you find outrageous on anything you have that’s metal.

6 thoughts on “Because Who Doesn’t Love a Little Silliness?

  1. I can’t believe you skipped putting that drawing on the “intimate apparel.” I think a small image works there. And an outraged you on a thong, well that’s hilarious.

  2. First, were you aware I collect magnets and you’re contributing to my madness?

    Second, I’m holding out for the “Aunt B Outrage Chart”

  3. Maybe I’ll work on the “Aunt B. Outrage Chart” at lunch. No promises, though.

    Ha, yes, because my outrage is indeed made right here in the US of A.

  4. Aunt B, I’m going to do a drawing for you. Your renderings have stirred the depths of my inky soul, and they are insistent on sputtering out some monstrosity. I can no more deny spluttery inkyness than I can deny giggling at the shirt :)

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