“It’s a terrible loss for the town. He was our taxidermist.”

Back in the day, I didn’t date this guy, for the same reason I didn’t date a lot of guys in high school, because there was always someone there waiting to beat the shit out of them if they tried.

But this guy, who I didn’t date, once took me riding around in his truck so that he could explain to me how he always wanted to ask me out, but it had been made clear to him that that would be a bad idea.  I actually appreciated that, because I spent a lot of lonely time wondering what made me so much worse than the other girls.  Turns out that most guys are put off by the threat of violence.

Anyway, he died yesterday.  In a kind of freak accident.

Not involving taxidermy, but he was the town taxidermist and I find it charming and it breaks my heart that the town is not sure how they’re going to carry on without someone with those skills.