The Butcher v. the Tornado

The Butcher says he can hear the sirens and has cleared out a spot in the closet, but is not in said closet yet.  I will update as I know more.

14 thoughts on “The Butcher v. the Tornado

  1. I’m gonna sound like a real asshole, but when has that ever stopped me: I miss tornado weather.

    Someone said something about it being spring in San Francisco. I scowled at them. There are no seasons. Just weeks. And with that no exciting weather.

  2. Holy cow! The folks in Rutherford county appear to be screwed!

    I haven’t heard from the Butcher so I’m assuming he’s not dead.

  3. Wait until the next big quake, Brittney.

    Yeah, I saw the photo composite on Ch5 of the (looks to be an) EF3 swooping behind the City Hall.

    There was a line from Florence, AL all the way up to Portland all blowing out these twisters. Something like 15 warnings of a time. Downtown, we had about 4 separate warnings going from 11:45 until about 1:15.

    Not over yet. Positive vibes, etc.

  4. The Butcher says that it’s strangely nice at home now. Murfreesboro looks to be a mess, though. I haven’t heard any deaths yet, but it’s hard to imagine how there couldn’t be. The storms were so severe they were kicking up tornados in their wake. I’ve lived in tornado country my whole life and never heard of that happening. Though they were talking on the news like it wasn’t necessarily surprising.

  5. I watched it pass w/in a 1/2 mile of my house. No damage fortunately. We did loose power around 12:35 pm on Fri & didn’t get it back until 7:30 pm yesterday. But I’ll take the inconvenience of being w/out power for a day over getting my house leveled any day.

  6. Things to be happy about: hundreds of people showing up with tools and without being asked, just to help out.

    I plan to be one of them this week. After going thru proper channels, of course.

  7. I would just like to tell y’all that I am in love with three truckloads of strapping Baptist men who waited at the light alongside me Saturday morning as they traveled to help folks affected by the storms. Those jokers were sitting in the backs of equipment-laden dooleys and club cabs, drinking coffee and eating ham biscuits and chuckling and joshing like they were on their way to a hunting lodge. People were hanging out of car windows to tell them thank you, and they all had that sheepish “aw, y’all, we’re just doing our jobs” expression that Coach Taylor gets on “Friday Night Lights.” One lady cried out, “Bless you, boys! Bless you!” And one big burly bearded man said, “Oh, ma’am, we’re blessed every day. That’s why we’re here.”

    I know there were and are plenty of other denominations out helping my neighbors, and I thank them, too, but I believe I’d marry every one of those Baptist boys right now. Not to be barefooted in their kitchens and not speak, of course, but I’d certainly be proud of ’em.

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