Something So Cute You Will DIE!!!!!!

Mrs. Wigglebottom brings you the heartbreak of The Ugly Easter Bunny.

Don’t worry, Mrs. Wigglebottom.  You are indeed an ugly bunny, but you are a damn cute dog.

You Say ‘Tomato,’ I Say… Um ‘Tomato,’ Too.

My mom was very excited to learn that Colonel Sanders was originally from Indiana, making him a midwesterner by birth.  This brings up the problem of Indiana, which is that there is not another midwestern state which does not look down on and make fun of Indiana.  Oh, those Indiana drivers; they get their licenses at the bottoms of Cracker Jack boxes.  I had to go to Indianapolis the other day… Poor you.  And let’s not forget how ‘Hoosier’ is used as a slur in southern Illinois to basically mean ‘dumb trashy cracker.’

And I think now that I have discovered why Indiana tolerates this without going out and, say, having constant fights with Iowa.  Because Indiana knows that it’s got all of the cool shit.  I mean, yeah, it might be called Kentucky Fried Chicken, but Sanders was born in Indiana.

Why should Indiana care about the haters?

Anyway, while we were half watching this show about Colonel Sanders (who my dad claims was a notorious polygamist, though they didn’t touch on that in the Food Network show, so who knows if it’s true) and my mom was raving about my tomatoes, in the windows.  It made me so proud.