Something So Cute You Will DIE!!!!!!

Mrs. Wigglebottom brings you the heartbreak of The Ugly Easter Bunny.

Don’t worry, Mrs. Wigglebottom.  You are indeed an ugly bunny, but you are a damn cute dog.

7 thoughts on “Something So Cute You Will DIE!!!!!!

  1. While this is so cute, I’m a little worried that you’ve become that woman. You know, that woman who dresses up her pets and puts their pictures online. Or maybe I’m just worried that the poor thing doesn’t like it too much. She rarely lets you get such great shots of her (and the orange cat’s butt in the background). Ah, forget the worry. She’s fine. You’re funny. The world needs such pictures, at least I know I do.

  2. I technically did not dress up the dog. I just documented the silliness. I should have posted the video of her wagging around. She’s just pensive in photos.

  3. Whew, that’s good to know. All the silliness must have just worn her out. “Pensive” does seem like the right word to describe those photos. All stretched out on the couch, she looks kinda like she’s almost bored being the focus of everyone’s attention.

  4. These pictures, right here, should be used in your “pitbull advocacy” thread. Seriously. I LOVE IT.
    So dangeral. So…fuzzy. So….oh, hell, I can’t even continue. This is GREAT!

  5. I had to call the kids in from the other room to see these pictures. Oh. My. God. SHE IS SO CUUUUUTE!

    Ah-hem. I’m trying to keep it together, but… *dies*

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